Mint Hill Police getting more involved with schools

WBTV News is reporting that Mint Hill Police will take over safety at two area schools: Northeast Middle School and Independence School. The MHPD also plans to cover the new Rocky River High School when it opens in Mint Hill in 2010-2011.

WBTV will air the story tonight at 5:30, but not without controversy:

WBTV’s Dedrick Russell is covering this story.  He will ask if parents should be concerned about a possible changing of the guard.  The Mint Hill Police Department only has 18 officers.

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8 comments on “Mint Hill Police getting more involved with schools
  1. Re: “Only 18 Officers”

    Won’t this be a perfect reason to ask for more state funding to expand the department?

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  2. Funding for Mint Hill Police comes from Mint Hill. The state only gives out grants but not for school security. Mint Hill’s crime rate is higher than Matthews now. With Matthews having 50 plus officers with less square miles and same number of population. So if you were a crook would you do your crime in area with a good amount of police or an area of no police. There are not enough officers now to cover the three schools and the schools would be better served to be handled by CMPD. The only reason that Mint Hill wants these schools is control. So when little rich Johnny brings some drugs or guns to school and his parents are linked to someone in town government or a contributor they can sweep it under the rug.

  3. As a parent of children at the schools involved I have concerns about how Mint Hill will handle these schools now. With the addition of these three schools that now leaves Mint Hill police to handle 6 if not 7 (not sure who handles Queens Grant High School Mint Hill or Matthews) schools. I know that there is not enough police force to take on these three schools. We do need to replace the officer at Northeast Middle she is a joke and should not even have a badge, but PLEASE keep Officer Fred Allen at Indy. He knows the students and makes them feel comfortable to come and talk with him with concerns.
    Lets find a way to keep Allen at Indy for the sake of the students and school. Mint Hill police is not ready to take on all of this at one time.

  4. I know that times are hard all over for budgets and governments alike but the coverage for Mint Hill has changed drastically. I used to see police cars in the are often but I have noticed sometimes I rarely see one now. I asked an officer one time how many people were on duty and he said 3 officers were. I asked him if that was usual and he said lately it was. When I learned this I became interested and started doing some research. Mint Hill Police now are going to domestic situations and armed robberies with only officer, thats pretty sad. I wonder sometimes if Mint Hill would have been better served with just having kept Charlotte Mecklenburg Police. At least we would have more than three officers available.

  5. Well the reason why Matthews has so many officers within a smaller radius is that they allowed major developements in their town and they are getting the tax dollars from that. Mint Hill doesn’t want businesses like Walmart and other large companies here only the ones that line their pockets. So there is no tax dollars here for additional officers. You wanted the small quiet uninhabited town feel, where here it is, just with more crime.

  6. You might notice that you see more CMPD ploce around now than you did when they were actually supposed to be here. The MHPD has good officers who work hard for the people in the town and truely care about what they do, I know several of them from coming into my business. The town needs to support them better. I would hate to see one of them get hurt.

  7. Raising taxes would not even have to be an option. The budget is tight for all towns, cities and states. All they have to do is cut out spending on gravy items they do not actually need and stick with utilities and public safety.

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