3 comments on “Butler’s Newsome named national high school football coach of the year
  1. Tom Knotts was great for Charlotte and Independence football. You fail to remember that almost $100,000 was spent on an investigation into the big I and they came up with nothing. Why don’t you check the CMS website for ineligible athletes and check how many Indy has “0″, MP/2, WC /1,SM/1 and Butler 2 ( with one being a football player).

  2. Why is it that no matter what the article is about you butler boneheads ALWAYS have to mention Tom Knotts. This is Butler’s year but you boneheads can’t just enjoy your ONE championship you always have to take a jab at Indy.
    Ask yourself a question Would Newsome be where he is, if it weren’t for who his father in law is?

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