Mint Hill Police getting more involved with schools

WBTV News is reporting that Mint Hill Police will take over safety at two area schools: Northeast Middle School and Independence School. The MHPD also plans to cover the new Rocky River High School when it opens in Mint Hill in 2010-2011.

WBTV will air the story tonight at 5:30, but not without controversy:

WBTV’s Dedrick Russell is covering this story.  He will ask if parents should be concerned about a possible changing of the guard.  The Mint Hill Police Department only has 18 officers.


Stimulus dollars sent to bogus zip codes: ‘Much ado about nothing?’

The, whose publisher is Mint Hill Times columnist John Hood, reports that $2.5 million in federal stimulus dollars were allocated to zip codes which do not exist. Deputy Press Secretary for the Recovery Act Jim Gilio said this was a human error, and that recipients simply wrote down the wrong zip code and all the dollars are accounted for. Almost. The notes that even when taking into account the human error, a large chunk of the $2.5 million is still missing.