Tom Knotts leaving Independence?

UPDATE: A source close to the football team said he is “99 percent” sure Knotts is leaving for a job in South Carolina and Bill Geiler will take over as Patriots head coach.indy2

According to the Web site, Coach Knotts is leaving Independence for another school. The Mint Hill Times has learned from second source Knotts will no longer coach the Patriots next season. One rumor is he’s going to West Meck, and another to a school in South Carolina. Bill Geiler will also be likely to take the helm at Independence.

8 comments on “Tom Knotts leaving Independence?
  1. I wish Coach Knotts the best on any future endeavours. He is a legend among the parents of his players. He will be missed.

  2. Don are you the same Don that was so big on the Tommy bandwagon until your kids got the high school age and you moved into the Buttville zone. I do believe you are the same Don that would tailgate in the neighborhood across the street from Indy every week before the games lets see where your bandwagon ways take you next once your kids leave CMS

  3. Well one reason he’s leaving because he will not have the players that he once had. Independence and Butler will be just average schools next year.

  4. Tommy Knotts will be the Athletic Director and Football coach at Dutch Fork High School in Irmo, South Carolina. Home of the Silver Foxes!

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