One of Independence High School’s seniors, Devante’ Bledsoe, chose to attend Columbia University in New York on a full scholarship. He was also accepted to MIT and Georgia Tech.

“Devonte is bright young man with an amazing future in front of him,” said Principal Mark Bosco. “I am so proud of him  and it is a pleasure to work with him.”

Here are some comments from his teachers:

(This first one is an excerpt of the recommendation made for Devante)

“Last year, Devante’ told me it took him along time to accept the fact that he didn’t have to make 100% on every assignment, quiz, or test.  This comment came as he was making good solid B’s in my calculus class.  He was taking four other advanced placement courses at the time, and the sheer volume of the course work sometimes meant that he had to juggle the time he spent on one course to accommodate another.  He said that he learned to do enough of a calculus assignment to know that he understood the material, and then he could move on to another class’s assignment.  To Devante’, the knowledge is more important than the grade.

Devante’ immerses himself in learning outside of the regular school year.  For example, last summer he participated in Project SEED at UNC Charlotte, where he worked with undergraduate and graduate students as they researched ‘monodisperse colloidal particles’.  This has piqued his interest in chemical engineering.  The summer before that, he volunteered in Panama through AFS Intercultural Programs, where he helped to build chairs, tables, and doors for a local school.  He took Spanish classes while he was there, and lived with a host family and participated in their daily life.

Rounding out his intellectual gift is Devante’s willingness to become involved in clubs and leadership activities.  He is a charter member of Mu Alpha Theta, the math honor society for high school students, as well as its vice president.  He is a member of our student council and was on the prom committee last year.  His character and integrity make him well respected by his teachers and classmates. His initiative and his calm, soft-spoken leadership style give Devante’ a way of relating to classmates of all backgrounds.”
Shelley Matthews,
NBCT Mathematics Teacher,  Independence High School


“Devonte has been an asset to the Academy of International Studies.  He has a natural thirst for knowledge about different cultures, which led him to his study abroad in Panama.  He has talked about MIT and Columbia since he was a freshman.  We always knew that Devanta would be destined for greatness!”
Syndie Fleener

“Devonte’ was a student in my computer applications class my first semester here at the Big I. He was always ahead of the rest of the class and made teaching him extremely easy. He was always respectful to me and his classmates. What was unique about Devonte’ was the level of commitment he exercised in assisting other students who did not comprehend as well as he did. He never flaunted his intelligence or made others around him feel less than he, although many times it was apparent how far advanced his knowledge was as compared to his peers. Arrogance and Devonte’ will probably never be in the same sentence together. I am so proud of Devonte’ and wish him well in his selection from three wonderful university choices he has.”
Delisha Covington
Business Education Teacher, Independence High School

“Devante Bledsoe is one of the most diligent and hardworking students I have had the pleasure to teach.  He’s conscientious and always wears a smile  both in and out of class.  His ambitions are set high, and I have no doubt that he will be able to meet and exceed them.”
Katie Willett,
US History
Model UN

“Devonte’ is a joy to teach.”

Mrs. Carol Huss, M.A.
NBCT – AYA/Mathematics
Lead Algebra 2 Teacher
Independence High School