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What’s up with Leslie Southerland’s column this week?

Readers of Leslie Southerland’s column will notice a few lines missing at the end. We apologize for that. Here’s her column in full.
By Leslie Southerland
The Mint Hill Times

The best day of my school year was last Thursday. Not only did the school day go well, but I attended our first home wrestling match. I had never attended a high school wrestling match before.
I MAY have attended a professional wrestling event when I was in seventh grade, and I MAY have seen the Nature Boy and Magnum TA wrestle at that event, but that would be too embarrassing to admit. So let’s just say that Thursday night marked my first wrestling event of ANY kind and leave it at that.
Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. Our boys were wrestling the team from another, more established school, so I was afraid we would lose. Boy, was I wrong!
First of all, the opposing team came out to warm up. They looked like they were a gym class. They didn’t appear to be wearing uniforms, and they all had on mismatched t-shirts, sweatshirts and shorts.
Our team came out wearing their sharp-looking warm-ups, and I figured we would at least beat the other team in looks. And our coach, being the enthusiastic guy that he is, had choreographed a whole warm-up routine for our guys to do on the mat to the tune of “Enter Sandman,” accompanied by a strobe light. That part was so cool that I at first thought it was the whole show!
When our boys finally got out there to wrestle, I was really impressed. I stood, with everyone else in the place, screaming my lungs out to cheer our boys on. By the time I left, we had only lost one match so far. And we had won many. Unfortunately, though, I had a seven-year-old boy with me who needed to go to bed, so I scooted out a bit early.
My neighbor, our secretary and the parent of a student at my school, asked if I could run her daughter home. I was pumped—I was on a high from the wrestling event, and I was thinking happy thoughts to myself about how cool it was that my neighbor attended my school and I could do this favor for her. I love the atmosphere of Mint Hill, and this just seemed to me to be one more example of why I live in a small town. […]

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Mint Hill holds 10th annual veteran’s breakfast


The town of Mint Hill held its 10th annual Veteran’s Appreciation Day Breakfast Saturday at the Kerr Building at Philadelphia Presbyterian Church. More than 280 veterans showed up for the breakfast. The Colors were posted by Independence High School JROTC, and in addition to patriotic songs, music was provided by Mint Hill bluegrass legend Dwight […]

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Matthews honors Family Dollar Stores with key to the town

The Town of Matthews honored Family Dollar Stores, Inc. with a Key to the Town Monday night during a reception at the company’s headquarters in Matthews. In presenting the key Matthews Mayor Lee Myers commented, “This is the first time a corporate citizen has been honored with the key.” In his remarks Mayor Myers also […]

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Family Dollar to be honored by Matthews tonight

The Town of Matthews will honor Family Dollar Stores, Inc. from 5:30-7 p.m., Monday, November 16, at the company’s headquarters in Matthews (10401 Monroe Road).

Matthews Mayor Lee Myers will present Howard Levine, Chairman and CEO of Family Dollar, with a key to the Town during this event. This is the first time the Key to […]

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