Mint Hill Arts opening reception tonight

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The November 2009 art show at Mint Hill Arts will feature the smaller works of the artists. The opening reception for Small Treasures: “Good Things Come in Small Packages” is tonight from 7-9 pm. The exhibit runs through December 3. On Saturday, MHA hosts the 2009 Fall Jewelry Show from 10 am to 3 pm. The show featuring handmade, artisan jewelry crafted by its professional members.

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8 comments on “Mint Hill Arts opening reception tonight
  1. Why is it that with this economy when the town says that it can’t afford any raises for its employees and that its having to cut costs, that this place gets a single dime of tax payer money? Mint Hill needs an arts exihibit like it needs another hole in the head. When will you people wake up?

  2. I hear what your saying taxpayer. So is this MHA a goverment funded operation? Perhaps this real estate/funds might be put to better use by using the space as an immigration office, or a tag/title shop. You know so other gov’t run facility. I think it is actually forward thinking for a town to get behind a project like MHA. Mint Hill should be proud of it’s residents for having the ability to get something like MHA open in their town. So, way to go Mint Hill.

  3. I have no problem if someone wants to open something like this, but it doesn’t need to use tax payer dollars to stay afloat. If its really that great, it should have no problem surviving on donations from those people who give a crap about it.

  4. For the record, the Town of Mint Hill gave $1,360 to Mint Hill Arts in the current budget. The town had $83,000 in tourism dollars that are restricted to things like Mint Hill Arts. So MHA received a little more than 1 percent of the restricted tourism dollars. If you asked someone from Mint Hill Arts, they would probably say the reason they are doing so well as an organization is because of the hard work of the members and volunteers.

  5. Mint Hill gave away almost 500,000 dollars this year to private interest groups like this. Well I believe 200,000 was for fire so I would say that is a cost effective expense. But to give away money to baseball teams and so on in these times is ridiculous. I would think public safety and road systems would come first. Heck Mint Hill has now surpassed Matthews in crime rates and look at the stats. Mint Hill and Matthews have a similar population but Matthews has 70 officers while Mint Hill has 15 street cops.

  6. While I am ALL for cutting wasteful spending and keeping taxes low, I think that you have to give the town a break here. With the economy as it is and so many new houses sitting empty in Mint Hill, I think that some contrbutions to organizations that might make our town more attractive to others, is a good thing. Believe me, things like the MHAA and some of these arts programs bring people to Mint Hill and highlight some of the town’s best qualities. When the only time the town’s name appears in the Observer is in reference to crime or a school battle, a little bit of positive press is welcome. If you remember, the town refused to hand over the money the Children’s Museum wanted and they folded up and left – which is fine. I think the Commissioners and Mayor are pretty good about deciding what’s cost effective and what isn’t. Again, if you want to attract young and affluent families to Mint Hill – which we desperately need to grow and fill up the houses already built – some spending on community groups and positive projects are a good start and cost effective in the long run. Think big picture.

  7. Yes but on the other hand CMPD is on the offensive on crime. Mint Hill has seen a jump in its violent crime. I would think that the town would there public services up to par or up to average before spending money on extras. Whats so good about a town if they offer all kinds of goodies , your afraid to leave the house because someone might pay it a visit when your not there.

  8. Sorry I killed the earlier post in grammar. I am just saying, I would think to take care of the vital parts of the town before I start buying extras. The taxes for the baseball fields pays for lawn care. When I was a kid I mowed grass for extra cash, so why don’t they do the same. I also played baseball and loved it but when it comes down to it would you rather go to ball games or have a response when you call 911.

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