What can brown do for you? It might be the color for the new Mint Hill high school

Davidsonnews.net has an update on the new Bailey Road high school which along with the new Mint Hill high school, will open next year.  The reporter interviews Terri Cockerham, the new principal at Bailey Road. She said they are having trouble coming up with colors for the high schools because most of them have already been taken by the other 19 high schools in the county. However, she did say that the Mint Hill high school will probably be brown.

…and as the newest kid in town, the Bailey Road school will have to choose a mascot and colors that haven’t already been claimed.So what’s left — brown and grey?

“Well, the new high school in Mint Hill is looking at brown,” Dr. Cockerham pointed out.

The new principal of the Mint Hill high school, Mark Nixon, said today there is no finalization of the colors or mascot for the school. He said they will submit three colors to an executive committee on Monday and hopefully have an idea of what they will be by next week. The name of the school will be decided at the November 10 Board of Education meeting.

Nixon also said he hopes there will be more community involvement from Mint Hill with the new school.

“Mint Hill, with not having students at the new school, hasn’t had a lot of involvement. So we would like to see more since it will be in their community and they will be using our facilities.”

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11 comments on “What can brown do for you? It might be the color for the new Mint Hill high school
  1. I love Nixon’s quote… since it will be in THEIR community and they will be using OUR facilities.. Nice little paradox there CMS! Go Brownies!!

  2. It will be a cold day in Hades before we support the new high school being built in Mint Hill for Charlotte students. Isn’t a color of brown a little dark for the new school or is it intended to be camouflage. The other color is rumored to be pus yellow.

  3. Brown is a perfect color. The colors should be brown and green just like Robinhood. New name for the school-Robinhood high.

    Why would Mint Hill have any involvement in a school that they got shafted out of?

  4. People please get a grip. If you all remember CMS tried to have Mint Hill kids in the new school but a certain group of parents (who think that it should be their way or no way) wanted no part of it because their sweet little brats might have to go to school with someone that they haven’t known since grade school. Mint Hill wanted ONE HIGH SCHOOL and they got it just not the building and location they wanted. Who knows one day your child may have to go to the new school and I bet you will love to see Robinhood High on their diploma. Be careful what one wishes for.

  5. Is the school mascot going to be Mr. hankie from Southpark, you know the talking brown turd? So ,would it be offensive if our football team stinks? GO STINKIES!! DOO YOUR BEST can be the motto. or we will always be number 2 to you.

  6. Anon,

    I hate to disappoint you but no my two well balanced honor roll kids went to Lebanon, Northeast and Indy. So see a kid can make good grades and attend college even if they didn’t go to Bain, Mint Hill Middle and Butler.

  7. First of all, Parentoftwo, the initial proposal from planning had zero support from the BOE and was never going to pass, no matter what a “certain group of parents” thought or did. We wanted the children of Mint Hill to go to school together at the new school designated for District 6 and Mint Hill/Matthews in the 2007 bond package. What awful people we are for fighting for something for our kids. So, instead of the state of the art new school in Mint Hill, we’re going to Indy.

    You know what? I’ll take it. It’s not fair, and the BOE failed us, but it is what it is and I’m moving on and will do all that I can to help Indy become the best school it can be. I’m ashamed to hear people bashing and making fun of this new school before it even opens. This is a high school for God’s sake. There are plenty of kids who’ll be attending the school who are bright, dedicated and want a great future, just like our kids. You are making us look like a bunch of elitists (at best) and your anger is misplaced by aiming it at the new school. Go yell at Trent Merchant and Coach Joe, but stop bashing this new school before it even opens. Mark Nixon, I wish you luck with the new school and hope that you can make it become the best school that it can be. You are, however, knocking on the wrong door for community support. It may be in Mint Hill, but this is Reedy Creek and JW Greir’s new “community school”.

  8. Did anyone read District 3 BOE candidate Joyce Waddell’s comments in the Charlotte newspaper Sunday?

    In regards to school assignment she stated, “There needs to be measures to promote diversity and it can be done with moderate amounts of disruption. Pupil assignment must be constantly monitored and adjustments continuously made for diversity.”

    What is she crazy? Kids need stability, vision and direction. This school is set to open with an 81% minority / 19% white student body. That is not diverse, that’s extremely lopsided! I am not voting for that wacko!!!!!!!

  9. ClearCreeker,

    Joyce Waddell is CRAZY. She was the principal at Lebanon for a while between Mark Robertson leaving and Kathy Smith coming. Ms Waddell only sees one color and is all for messing up any and everything she can get her hands on. Just ask Lebanon staff who were there when she ran the school. We couldn’t get her out of there fast enough. She will be the trainwreck of the BOE if she is elected.

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