On Monday and Tuesday there were home invasions in the Danbrook Park and Olde Sycamore subdivisions. Police think suspect is responsible for both and now have a better idea of what kind of car he was driving. A neighbor in the Olde Sycamore was able to provide still photographs from a home security video system of the suspect vehicle passing by. The vehicle appears to be a burgundy or red in color four door sedan, possibly a Dodge product. The driver’s side front tire is missing a hubcap. Anyone who recognizes this vehicle is asked to contact Det. Garmon at the Mint Hill Police Department, 704-545-1085.

The woman who’s home was invaded in Danbrooke Park is the grandmother of Sean Clark, a CMPD officer who was recently killed in the line of duty. She tells WSOC what her reaction was:

The 83-year-old, whose name we are not releasing, told WBTV reporter Brigida Mack the thieves rang the doorbell to her home in Danbrooke Park Monday morning, but she didn’t see anyone when she looked through the peephole.

A few minutes later, she recalls, “I heard this noise as if someone was trying to pull my door off, sure enough–BANG!”

The men kicked in the door.

“I turned around and said — ‘What the hell are you guys doing?’ — I jumped up and ran after them,” she said.