Update on recent home invasions: Police have better idea of the suspect’s car

On Monday and Tuesday there were home invasions in the Danbrook Park and Olde Sycamore subdivisions. Police think suspect is responsible for both and now have a better idea of what kind of car he was driving. A neighbor in the Olde Sycamore was able to provide still photographs from a home security video system of the suspect vehicle passing by. The vehicle appears to be a burgundy or red in color four door sedan, possibly a Dodge product. The driver’s side front tire is missing a hubcap. Anyone who recognizes this vehicle is asked to contact Det. Garmon at the Mint Hill Police Department, 704-545-1085.

The woman who’s home was invaded in Danbrooke Park is the grandmother of Sean Clark, a CMPD officer who was recently killed in the line of duty. She tells WSOC what her reaction was:

The 83-year-old, whose name we are not releasing, told WBTV reporter Brigida Mack the thieves rang the doorbell to her home in Danbrooke Park Monday morning, but she didn’t see anyone when she looked through the peephole.

A few minutes later, she recalls, “I heard this noise as if someone was trying to pull my door off, sure enough–BANG!”

The men kicked in the door.

“I turned around and said — ‘What the hell are you guys doing?’ — I jumped up and ran after them,” she said.

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9 comments on “Update on recent home invasions: Police have better idea of the suspect’s car
  1. lets hope these fools “do the right thing” and turn their sorry butts in to the MHPD before they break into my house, if they set foot in my house its “GAME ON”

  2. Let’s be upfront here. If they come into my house, and if I am there, I will ask them once to leave. If they do not, and attempt life-threatening harm to me, or my family, I will kill them. There, that was simple!

  3. I am a middle-aged woman who grew up in Mint Hill. I’m shocked at the crime increase – I think it has a great deal to do with I-485 access.
    I have a double-barrel 20 guage pump coach shotgun and two” mean as hell” dogs who love meat. I’ll shoot first and ask questions later. Those of us who were living in Mint Hill when you didn’t even think about locking your doors are the same people who will blow your butt away if you’re on our property.
    If it’s me or you, you lose.

  4. someone tried to break into our house on lawyers rd last night at 4am. Couldn’t tell if it was a burgundy car or not but it was a 4 door sedan. Believe me they might night have thought we saw them or even woke up. but they wouldnt have gotten two steps past the front door. we were on the phone with mhpd while they were in our driveway for atleast 8 minutes (they were there for a total of 12). they turned right on lawyers toward 51. Im kind of upset with the police that you can’t get someone that could have atleast cut them off. I hope they weren’t out writing parking tickets. However, I believe that they scoped us out and didnt notice us getting up or watching them. They might be back and if the cops can’t make it from 2 miles away in 10 minutes they won’t have anyone to convict.

  5. Hey Punks, thepolice are short on manpower right now and they are doing the best they can with what they have. Why don’t you whine to Town Hall about getting more officers?

  6. I think the first 4 people understand what you must do, be prepared to protect your own property & life, don’t depend on someone else to do it for you. Taxpayer, it didn’t seem like Punks was whining to anyone, just stating a incident and that he was upset, but then I think you would have been too, if you had someone trying to break into your house in the early hours of the morning with your family inside. I’m sure the MHPD does a wonderful job with what resources they have. Police do not effectively prevent crime, they can really only effectively investigate crimes that have been committed.

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