Our paper had already gone to print by the time Mint Hill Police busted an “elaborate indoor growing” operation Wednesday night. Despite this bust, and other recent crimes, Police Chief Tim Ledford says the recent armed robberies are not a trend but outlier occurrences. Read the rest of this story in this week’s Mint Hill Times.

  • Board of Elections Director Michael Dickerson says he expects a larger than normal turnout in Tuesday’s election. Read this story, plus stay tuned to MintHillTimes.com for more election coverage every day until Tuesday.
  • Lacey Hampton reports on the variety of ways Mint Hill celebrates the Halloween season.
  • The Independence High School PTSA is looking to attract more members to help with landscaping around the school, Lacey Hampton reports. Rhonda Walker, president of the PTSA, is hoping to get quotes from possible landscapers in the near future.
  • This week’s editorial makes its endorcements for Mint Hill Board of Commissioners and District 6 Board of Education representative.
  • Ben Martin reports on the Butler-Providence game Friday night. The Panthers are for real and will most likely have to face either Butler or Indepdnecne again in the state playoffs. They pushed the Bulldogs to the brink Friday night.

Next week the Mint Hill Times will report on the results of Tuesday’s election and follow up on the pot bust in downtown Mint Hill.