Press Release: Drug Seizure in Mint Hill

Mint Hill: On 10-28-2009 Mint Hill Police served a search warrant in the 11100 block of Lawyers Road in reference to the occupant, Michael MacConnell, manufacturing marijuana at the residence. Officers entered the residence around 1:30pm and found over 300 marijuana plants and an elaborate indoor growing operation.

In addition to the marijuana manufacturing, officers located several chemicals which are known precursors to manufacturing other controlled substances. Mint Hill Police enlisted the help of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) in processing the evidence. A chemist from the SBI is en route to assist with identifying the chemicals found on scene.

Michael MacConnell (W/M, DOB: 01-13-1969) has been taken to the Mecklenburg County Jail and charged with the following crimes:

Manufacture of a CS Schedule VI
Possession of a precursor chemical to controlled substance
Trafficking Schedule VI
Maintain a dwelling for sale of controlled substance
Possession of drug paraphernalia