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The plan for a sidewalk from Matthews Mint Hill Road to the Park on Wilgrove is closer to becoming a reality.Town Manager Brian Welch said this morning the town has now gained access to all the property along Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road needed for the sidewalk. The only thing holding up the sidewalk’s construction now is the $400,000 stimulus grant from the federal government.

“We’ve cleared the biggest hurdle,” Welch said today.

At last Thursday’s town meeting, Welch told the board the NCDOT requires all but one of the properties to be acquired before the town can get the grant money.

Commissioners Mickey Ellington and Lloyd Austin, along with town staff, have met with property owners over the course of the last few months to secure to the properties. Only a few property owners held out. All of them are now on board

Welch said there is still lots of paper work to do before they officially get the grant money, but the hardest part is now done and the sidewalk should be a reality in the near future.