Second Ezell Farm Community Park workshop this week

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Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department and the Town of Mint Hill invite interested citizens to participate in developing a master plan for Ezell Farm Community Park at a public workshop on Thursday, October 29 at 6:30 pm at Mint Hill Town Hall, in the John M. McEwen Assembly Room. This will be the second of three community workshops completed by the end of 2009.

Park and Recreation planners will present three preliminary concept plans compiled from comments in the first workshop, last July.  The public will be asked to comment on these concepts.  Then, planners will use these comments to develop a final proposed plan to be presented at a third workshop to be scheduled later. The master plan is expected to be Ezell Park will be built on 95 acres along Matthews-Mint Hill Road (NC Highway 51) bounded by Well Road and Mintwood Road.  The site is about a mile south of the Mint Hill town center.  This will be a community park.  It will primarily serve residents of Mint Hill and northern Matthews.  Such parks typically feature athletic fields (possibly lighted), playgrounds, walking trails, picnic areas, restrooms, parking, etc. Phase I construction of the park is expected to cost about $3.6 million, paid for by 2008 Park and Recreation bonds. Additional phases will be developed as money is available.

Exactly when  the park will be built depends on the economy, bond sales, and decisions of Mecklenburg County Commissioners.

The working name of the park is Ezell Farm because the Ezell family, previous owners of the property, ran a farm on it for many years. (That may or may not be the permanent, official name of the park). For more information, please contact Park Planner David Nelson: 704-336-8455 or .

3 comments on “Second Ezell Farm Community Park workshop this week
  1. It is such ashame that Mint Hill feels it needs ANOTHER park. Don’t we already
    have a community park on 218 that can accomodate our needs? Why not leave the beautiful
    farm and the cows that graze there everyday. That is one of the things
    I love about living in Mint Hill I can drive down 51 and see cows. Don’t our
    children deserve to see farms? Phase I is expected to cost about $3.6 million,
    is the playground equipment made gold? Will this project end up like the mall
    on Lawyers Road (a pile of mud) with nothing to show for it?

  2. Another park sounds like a great idea. It will not be a quaint farm forever; sooner or later the owner will sell out to a developer.

  3. The mall on Lawyers Road is a pile of mud now but I would expect it to still be built as soon as the economy improves. Like ARM I would rather have a park than a business park or who knows what. We all know the owner will sale the land at some point. If we want to keep it as farm land someone should buy it and keep it farm land. We can’t fault the owner for selling the land.

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