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Owner of house where the drug bust occurred: ‘I never had a problem with the guy’

Bill Lineberger of Mint Hill, the owner of the house on Lawyers Road where more than 300 pot plants were found by Mint Hill Police yesterday, said in his seven years of renting the house he never had a problem with Michael MacConnell.

MacConnell was arrested yesterday and charged with four felony counts and a misdemeanorĀ  […]

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This week’s Mint Hill Times

Our paper had already gone to print by the time Mint Hill Police busted an “elaborate indoor growing” operation Wednesday night. Despite this bust, and other recent crimes, Police Chief Tim Ledford says the recent armed robberies are not a trend but outlier occurrences. Read the rest of this story in this week’s Mint Hill Times.

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The official Mint Hill Police press release on Wednesday’s drug bust

Press Release: Drug Seizure in Mint Hill

Mint Hill: On 10-28-2009 Mint Hill Police served a search warrant in the 11100 block of Lawyers Road in reference to the occupant, Michael MacConnell, manufacturing marijuana at the residence. Officers entered the residence around 1:30pm and found over 300 marijuana plants and an elaborate […]

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Breaking news: huge pot bust in downtown Mint Hill

If you drove on Lawyers Road today you may have noticed the commotion at the house between Nelson Road and Hwy 51. Police Chief Tim Ledford said tonight they discovered 300 plus pot plants growing inside in what Ledford termed as a “well organized growing operation.”

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