Owner of house where the drug bust occurred: ‘I never had a problem with the guy’

MInt Hill Police officers prepare for a long night at the scene of the drug bust yesterday on Lawyers Road

MInt Hill Police officers prepare for a long night at the scene of the drug bust yesterday on Lawyers Road

Bill Lineberger of Mint Hill, the owner of the house on Lawyers Road where more than 300 pot plants were found by Mint Hill Police yesterday, said in his seven years of renting the house he never had a problem with Michael MacConnell.

MacConnell was arrested yesterday and charged with four felony counts and a misdemeanorĀ  for trafficking and manufacturing drugs.



“If I had to rate him, I’d say he was the best renter I ever had,” Lineberger said today. “I had to get on him a few times for not mowing the grass, but other than that I didn’t have a problem with him.”

Linberger said MacConnell moved into the house seven years ago and listed his last employer as a company he had worked for two years before he moved into the house. Lineberger said he called the company where MacConnell had once worked and they told him they were surprised when MacConnell quit and thought someone had died and left him a lot of money.

Lineberger said MacConnell was a “genius” at electronics and was a bachelor and a “loner “from what he saw. He kept to himself and never gave any reason for Lineberger to be worried about anything.

“I had no reason to doubt him,” Lineberger said. “I checked the house the first 6 months to a year he lived there, but haven’t been inside for five years.”

MacConnell owned two cars and parked them so they blocked the driveway. On both of the vehicles, he had a spotlight that made it look like it might be an undercover policeman.
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The house was built in 1938. Lineberger also owns the house next door and said when an elderly lady lived there a few years ago MacConnell used to bake her cakes.

“I am totally shocked by all this,” Lineberger said.

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