Mint Hill police looking for suspects in two recent home invasions

Mint Hill Police are on the lookout for suspects in two recent home invasions, one in Danbrook Park on Monday and the other in Olde Sycamore today. Both suspects fled the scene in burgundy vehicles.

The Mint Hill Police answered a call regarding a home invasion in the 6600 block of Danbrooke Park Drive Monday at 11:30 am. The victim was home and reported that someone rang the doorbell, which the victim did not answer. Approximately 15 minutes later, the front door of the victim’s residence was kicked in and the victim stated that two black males, in their early 20s entered her home. The victim chased the suspects out of her house. The suspects got into a burgundy sedan-type vehicle and fled the scene. No items were taken from this victim.

the Mint Hill Police responded to the 7600 block of Hogans Bluff Drive located in the Olde Sycamore Subdivision today at 11:57 am. The victim reported a similar incident where suspect(s) entered the residence while the victim was present and removed two televisions and some cash. The victim saw the suspects as they were leaving the residence and driving away in a burgundy colored vehicle. No suspect description was available.

Neither victim was injured during these incidents.

Mint Hill Police encourage citizens to contact police if they are visited by suspicious persons during the daytime hours. If your home if forcibly entered while you are present, comply with any demands made by the suspects and contact police as soon as it is safe to do so. Police ask that citizens be vigilant within their neighborhoods and report any suspicious vehicles and/or persons immediately.

Anyone with further information about these two incidents is asked to contact Detective Garmon with the Mint Hill Police Department at 704-545-1085.

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3 comments on “Mint Hill police looking for suspects in two recent home invasions
  1. Let these brazen punks attempt this at my house, MHPD, it would be wise to stock up on body bags, in my house, roaches come in, but they dont comt out!

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  3. they might have changed tactics. Last night around 4am we had a suspicious dark colored crown vic pull into our driveway for atleast 10 minutes. honked their horn lightly as if to notify someone outside of the car and left. Almost like they were scoping us out. Be careful and alert, we are lucky that our dogs woke us up.

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