Election 2009: Candidate questionnaires, letters to the editor and more


The November 3 election is next Tuesday and the turnout is expected to be higher than usual according to the Board of Elections Michael Dickerson. The Mint Hill Times, for the past month, has run candidate questionnaires for Mint Hill mayor and commissioners, Matthews mayor and town council and the seat for District 6 Board of Education. Each day until the election we will re-run the questionnaires in their entirety as they answered by all the candidates. We will also have bonus coverage including letters to the editor, links to the candidates Web sites and more. As Dickerson said, this election won’t be as high profile as the last presidential election, but there are enough intriguing races across Mecklenburg County to make this an above-average off-year election.

7 comments on “Election 2009: Candidate questionnaires, letters to the editor and more
  1. To the Editor,

    I have several concerns about the candidacy of Adam Kaplan that I wish to share with the citizens Mint Hill.

    Adam Kaplan has lived in Mint Hill less than a year and is already running for office of Commissioner. He stated in an e-mail response to me on October 15, 2009 that “Being relatively new to the area, we are still becoming acquainted with all the civic, community and religious groups.” At that time he was not involved in any local civic or religious organizations. In short he has done nothing for the local community.

    He stated “I am running only because I noticed that our board of commissioners could benefit from a fresh perspective… “. If he isn’t acquainted the community, religious or civic groups after living here since November 2008, how can he offer a fresh prospective on what is right for Mint Hill? He can’t!

    He further stated, “I also believe our town could use…an elected official who…comes into office not owing favors or anything else to old friends.” It would be interesting to know which of our current board he is apparently targeting in this statement. Where would his loyalties be? Would it really be to the citizens of Mint Hill or just a select group of his local connections from NY, Silicon Valley, or Boston?

    His campaign web site states “…I …grew up in towns surrounded by farms.” Where was that? Even NYC is surrounded by farms, if you draw a large enough radius. Mint Hill is not NY and hopefully never will be. That is unless we start electing newcomers to the Board of Commissioners that have not yet established any roots in our community.

    At the Mint Hill Women’s Club Candidate Forum on Oct 12th Mr. Kaplan said he considered Mint Hill as the jewel in the crown of the Queen City. We are not a suburb of Charlotte and his analogy is indicative of how he views Mint Hill.

    My advice to Mr. Kaplan is, first get involved, show you’re part of Mint Hill not just a resident, do something to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens, and realize we are not a suburb of Charlotte then run for office. Show me your true nature before you ask for my vote.

  2. It is funny how Roger Bowden has elevated himself to be the judge and jury for Mint Hill.

    Perhaps he should ask his neighbors what they think of him here in four oaks and he might just find it more enlightening

  3. Why not do away with commissioners in Mint Hill? In other towns the mayor is a tie breaker and commissioners have a valid reason for being there. In Mint Hill, the mayor IS THE VOTE on everything of any importance. Well that is an exaggeration of sorts. The mayor does let them vote on some of the little things. The job of the commissioners is to vote the way the mayor tells them.

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