Process for naming Mint Hill high school to get underway

CMS announced today that it has set up dates for the community to give its input in determining the name of the new Mint Hill high school located on Truelight Church Road.

Principal Mark Nixon has scheduled several meetings to solicit input from parents, students and members of the community.
“I am looking forward to moving forward with plans for a name for this new high school,” Nixon said. “That is the first step as we build our new community of students and parents.”

The meetings will be held on Friday, Sept. 25, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the East Learning Community office (9601 E. Independence Blvd.,Matthews); Tuesday, Sept. 29, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Independence High (1967 Patriot Drive), and on Wednesday, Sept. 30, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Northridge Middle (7601 The Plaza). Families may choose the meeting that best fits their schedule.
During the meetings, visitors may submit their recommendations for a name for the school, as well as learn about the school’s construction updates and view architectural renderings and a map of the attendance zone.
Board Policy FF (Naming Facilities) recommends the names represent the geographic area or community in which the school is located, a historical figure or location, or an individual who is deceased whose name has special significance and /or who made an outstanding contribution to the school or school system, community, state or nation.
Nixon will also appoint a School Name Advising Committee that will review, research and select three names to be presented to the superintendent. Those recommendations will then be sent to the Board for vote this fall. After a name is chosen, students, parents and community members will be asked for ideas on the school mascot and colors.
The new high school will open in August 2010 and will relieve overcrowding at Butler, East Mecklenburg and Independence high schools.

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11 comments on “Process for naming Mint Hill high school to get underway
  1. I-485 High School; Vilma Leak High School; James Ross High School, Reedy Creek High school, East Central Mecklenburg High, Albemarle Road High School – Anything that isn’t associated with Mint Hill since none of our kids will be going there anyway.

  2. Amelia Earhart High School. She, like our CMS School Board, couldn’t get her bearings straight. Coach White Intergalactic Academy. He needs to be probed. Myers Park High School – Clear Creek Campus. It makes as much sense as anything else coming from the Education Center.

  3. We need to take legal action to get Mint Hill our High School.

    We can do this after the upcoming election.

    We already have the law firm ready, you know the one who made all the changes to get neighborhood schools a few years ago.

    In fact they were surprised no one had come to them before this as the intent of the original settlement has been trounced upon and apparently forgotten.

    Be sure to also visit

  4. Lawsuit? BlahBlahBlah… Larry this is a waste of time and you should know that. No offence, you are probably a good man, but in my opinion your rambling statement at the BOE meeting was a detriment to the Mint Hill cause. It was incoherent and served no purpose other than to get you on TV.

  5. I for one support this. Why are we so quick to roll over and play dead?

    I did not pay this much to live in Mint Hill and have my children go to an old school that was too old and over crowded back when they sent Mint Hill kids to Butler a few years ago.

    Man up Chappy and get with the future.

  6. Tom – As much as I hate what CMS did to us, my concern is that Larry is going to try and become Mayor of Mint Hill for the main purpose of waging war with CMS – at the town’s expense. If a group of citizens were to get together and try the “legal course” against CMS – that would be fine with me. I just don’t want to see any of our money spent on a Town of Mint Hill v. CMS lawsuit.

  7. So the fact our property values have dropped due this decision is not of importance to you?

    Everyone has an opinion and I value yours. However it seems you are more interested in Larry than you are the problems we have piled on here in Mint Hill.

    Why not get your candidate to say what he is going to do? Oh wait we know that they waited till just before the decision, according to an Observer story, and then said we needed to accept the facts and choice from CMS and move on.

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