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FBI Charlotte warns of email scam

Got an email recently from someone who says they are from the FBI? You may want to forward it to the FBI Charlotte office and then delete it because it will probably be a scam. Amy Thoreson, a public affairs specialist with the FBI Charlotte office, sent a press release late yesterday warning of the scam. And if the FBI is warning of a scam, you know it is probably something to be on the look out for. The press release: […]

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Outgoing Mayor Myers endorses Taylor for Matthews top spot

Lee Myers has officially endorsed Matthews council member Jim Taylor in his bid to become the town’s new mayor.
“”It is vital that we elect Jim Taylor for mayor,” Myers said in a prepared statement. “He is accountable, energetic, professional and well connected with state and local leaders. His leadership and vision will protect our businesses, […]

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Myrick wants definition of ‘illegal;’ Obama says make illegal immigrants legal so they can get health care

Rep. Sue Myrick released a terse statement today after the decision was made by the State Board of Community Colleges to allow illegal immigrants to attend North Carolina’s Community Colleges:
“Someone needs to look up the meaning of the word ‘illegal.'”
Meanwhile, the Washington Times is reporting that President Obama is calling for the legalization of illegal […]

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MUMPO votes on Monroe bypass

Tired of having to use Highway 218 or the clogged Highway 74 to get to the beach? It might not be much longer before the Monroe connector is built. On Wednesday, the Mecklenburg-Union Metropolitan Planning Organization (MUMPO) endorsed Alternative D as the preferred alternative route for the Monroe Connector/Bypass and to support the proposed interchange at US 601. MUMPO is responsible for overseeing the development of the transportation system in Mecklenburg and Union Counties. The bypass is scheduled to open in 2013.


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