Outgoing Mayor Myers endorses Taylor for Matthews top spot

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Jim Taylor with Mayor Lee Myers

Lee Myers has officially endorsed Matthews council member Jim Taylor in his bid to become the town’s new mayor.
“”It is vital that we elect Jim Taylor for mayor,” Myers said in a prepared statement. “He is accountable, energetic, professional and well connected with state and local leaders. His leadership and vision will protect our businesses, quality of life, schools and our low property tax rate.”

One comment on “Outgoing Mayor Myers endorses Taylor for Matthews top spot
  1. Pay to play in Matthews politics?
    At the Oct. 12 meeting the Matthews town board agreed to sell the parcel located at 111 Matthews Station St. to (restaurateurs of Pure Taqueria with the help of) Lat Purser, a longtime friend of Mayor Lee Myers. What is troubling is that the town had another, higher offer from BrookeChase Properties being sidelined initially until (the restaurateurs) matched the new price of $175,000. The BrookeChase designs actually closely followed the stricter design standards that the town board established years ago. Yet the board changed them completely when presented with a proposal that was not even two stories as mandated in the design restriction for the parcel.

    Unknown to many was the fact that Commissioner and Mayor Pro-Tem Jim Taylor received a campaign contribution for his mayoral campaign of $1,000 on Sept. 21, 2009, from Lat W. Purser III. At no time did Commissioner Taylor recuse himself or disclose this fact in the meeting prior to the vote.

    Also, this was not an isolated incident in that mayoral candidate Jim Taylor also received a $1,000 campaign check from Eddie Williams of Williams Wrecker on Aug. 20, 2009. Williams Wrecker received an exclusive contract from the town of Matthews to assist in the emergency removal of damaged and disabled vehicles on May 26, 2009, for which Mayor Pro-Tem Taylor voted yes.

    In my opinion, the facts appear to show a possible pattern of campaign cash for influence. The only campaign finance reports available are for those who elected to spend more than $3,000 in a general election. Still, should we consider asking the other town elected officials in Matthews where they received the money to buy yard signs and do mailers?

    A few years ago when I ran for office I never asked for nor received funds from any person who had business before the town of Matthews, period. I never had an IOU.

    George Young
    Former Matthews commissioner – Matthews-Mint Hill Weekly

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