Help name new Mint Hill high school tonight

Parents, students and members of the community are invited to a meeting to discuss a name for the new high school under construction off Truelight  Church Road in Mint Hill tonight at Independence High School from 6-8 pm. During the meetings, visitors may submit their  recommendations for a name for the school, as well as learn about the  school’s construction updates and view architectural renderings and a map  of the attendance zone.

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17 comments on “Help name new Mint Hill high school tonight
  1. How about :CMS screwed Mint Hill High School?
    Robin Hood High Scool is still my favorite, and Molly’s Folly High School is a close second.

  2. I wish I could be there in person tonight. As a parent, pta member, and a candidate for school board, anything surrounding this school is near and dear to our community. Since the decision was made by current board members to not include the very towns own students, it is a difficult situation we find ourselves in. To help ease some of the situation, I do feel the name should involve the community. I think it should be Mint Hill Community High School. Maybe over the next year, things will change, but the school still belongs to Mint Hill. Our faith in the community is strong, and our hope for the succesful future of this school is clear.

  3. Does ms. Dickinson REALLY think Mint Hill will be rezoned? Just because one is running for the board, do not think this situation will change. Mint Hill communtiy is at one school. The new school, which should be Mint Hill is not. So please Ms. Dickinson, stop making unrealistic claims that Mint Hill will be at the new school. We all need to accept that Independence is our new home. Afterall, who wants to go to that “new hs” one year after of the “Hood High” students have torn it apart?

  4. Charlotte-Mecklenburg High School. Home of the Fighting Roaches. They go in but don’t come out as graduates. School colors of black and blue.

  5. Ms. Dickinson’s comment is exactly what I needed to know. THere is NO WAY she will get my Vote and she does not deserve YOURs! We have had enough of this mentality form current BOE members. This community needs to email the BOE and tell them do NOT even consider naming THIS SCHOOL Mint Hill HS!!!!! This town will reep nothing but BAD press and low property values when this school opens. I hope all Clear Creek families that have been assigned will petition the BOE to reopen IHS & Butler to transfers. Both schools will have empty seats this August!! GET OUT & VOTE on NOV. 3rd….

  6. Not only guns at Independence, but filth too. I do mean real dirt, not the kids. I thought it was sad that a student at Independence claimed the filth did not bother her. May want to send our kids there with masks and a good dose of allergy medicine!

  7. to clearcreeker maybe next year instead of a mask and allergy medicine we can supply you with a bucket, toothbrush and gloves, since you want the 40+ year old building to look like the 12 year old building down the road

  8. That was sarcasm – based on the News report last night. Get a grip Parentof two … All these comments are sarcastic. CMS is a joke. Moving is the only answer. And yes, it will be greener on the other side.

  9. No WAY should this be named anything related to Mint Hill! That is a ridiculous suggestion from Terri Dickinson. Just ask the Derita community about theur property values.

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