Statement from Mint Hill citizens: ‘CMS misleads voters’

When attempting to secure local public support for its 2007 bond referendum, CMS argued that the 2007 bond funding was essential in order to build a new high school in Mint Hill that would address the explosive growth in Mint Hill and its surrounding communities and would alleviate overcrowding at Butler and Independence High Schools. However, after local voters turned out to ensure passage of the 2007 bond, CMS has now decided to abandon the rationale used to secure local public support in favor of an apparent preference for city residents. The three plans currently offered by CMS Planning Services fail to achieve the goal of addressing explosive growth in Mint Hill and its surrounding communities. Please join us for a public rally to discuss this important issue prior to the CMS Board of Education’s final vote on this matter, which is scheduled for August 11th.

We still have time to hold CMS to its word but we need your support.

Date: Thursday, August 6th
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Mint Hill Town Hall

2 comments on “Statement from Mint Hill citizens: ‘CMS misleads voters’
  1. Not only that, but the 2007 Bond specified that monies would be spent in District 6. I would imagine that most voters in District 6 supported the Bonds because they believed that “New High School” would BENEFIT their children, by allowing them to go to a school in their immediate neighborhood, town, community…BEWARE. What they say is not what they do!!

  2. Mr. Tate The town of Mint Hill knows the new school is a CMS school and it was built to help overcrowding at Bulter & IHS. So explain why IHS will open at 129% with new mobiles & the new school will open at 96% under capacity. What happen to lower the crowding at IHS

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