From Lt. J.K. Rowell of the Mint Hill Police Department:

The Town of Mint Hill is continuing to see an increase of motor vehicle break-ins as well as residential break-ins. Residents are asked to be observant when traveling to and from their neighborhoods. If they see something that looks out of the ordinary or any type of suspicious person please call 911 so the police can investigate.

Individuals are also reminded to make sure their vehicles remain locked at all times and all valuables are removed from the vehicles or at least placed where they are not visible to someone walking by. Please make sure you keep your residence locked and garage door secured, even if you are home. Take an inventory of your valuables and record the serial numbers for those items.

If you have firearms, please record the make, model, and serial number. If you would like to bring that information to the Mint Hill Police Department, we can enter the information in our record system. It can easily be retrieved if these items become missing. This will allow the Mint Hill Police Department to quickly and easily get the item entered into the national data base as stolen.