Attribution-NonCommercial License by Brent and MariLynn

Blessed Assurance Adult Day Program at 13001 Idlewild Road is currently offering Veterans an opportunity to enjoy newly added VA benefits.
Veterans who are physically and mentally challenged, who could benefit from attending a day time program that offers structured programming, socialization, meals, medical monitoring and rehabilitative services are strongly encouraged to participate.
This is a Veteran’s benefit so there is no cost to the veteran or their caregiver. In many cases the veteran would be picked up from their homes in the morning, taken to the day program where they would participate in crafts, arts, various group activities, socialize with other veterans, receive meals and required medicines, participate in educational programs and be taken home in the evening. Consequently, caregivers would receive the benefit of a “break” from fulltime care giving and an opportunity to participate in other activities of their own choosing. Interested parties need only contact Nate Huggins, (704) 576-4754 for details. You can also visit this
program on the web at www.Blessedadultcare.Org.