The amendment to automatically enroll the President, Vice President and all Members of Congress in the public option created by HR 3200, the America’s Affordable Health Choice Act, failed along a party-line vote last night.

The amendment – offered by Reps. Sue Myrick, Roy Blunt, Phil Gingrey and Lee Terry – was ruled not germane by committee leadership, and was tabled by a vote of 36-22.

“This shows that the majority is more concerned with pushing through a bill for political gain than with considering how it will affect the American people,” said Rep. Myrick. “The idea behind this amendment is most certainly germane to the conversation on health care reform. We’re taking away the choice of the American people with regard to their health care, and by not being allowed to even consider this amendment, we are telling the American people that the rules don’t apply to the people who make them. It isn’t right.”