How do you describe the Town of Matthews to your coworkers, family, and friends? Why do you live here or operate your business in the Town?

The Town has launched an initiative to answer these questions and is asking the community to help. The Town has an online survey which will aid in this process. To access the survey go to Please fill out the survey by July 31.

“We are striving to find out what makes us a great Town and what do we need to improve upon,” said Communications Director Annette Privette Keller “From this research we will develop our brand – a communications and marketing plan in order to recruit and retain businesses and jobs.”

Brands are used to develop a logo and key message points for the Town. By using a brand consistently, it incorporates messages in all Town departments, activities, and signage. “Our brand is our calling card. It is a way of succinctly articulating our message and what we are all about,” continued Keller. “The brand will be used in the promotion of the Town and in its marketing efforts as we work to recruit businesses and retain businesses in the Town. A branding Initiative also gives citizens a way to demonstrate their support and love of their town even if it is as simple as buying a t-shirt with the brand on it.”

Contact Annette Privette Keller, Matthews Communications Director at 704-847-4411 ext. 230 if you have any questions.