In 2008-09 the Town of Matthews spent approximately $750,000 to build new sidewalks, repair sidewalks, patch and pave streets in the Town. The Town uses monies from the state Powell Bill Fund, along with a $15 town “tag fee” that all residents pay annually, to cover the costs of these infrastructure projects.

“We work hard to maximize the monies we have for sidewalk and road repairs. Patching roadways before they completely breakdown saves us time and money versus having to completely re-asphalt them. We do use a computerized data system to rank our streets and this allows us to identify streets with problems and we can better plan allocate resources to either do repairs or repaving,” said Public Works Director Ralph Messera. “Pavement preservation has become a theme of our activities, seeking ways to extend the life of our streets through timely patching and crack sealing.”

“We also encourage citizens to let us know when an area may need repairs. Recently, a citizen let us know about a sidewalk repair issue on E. John St. and we were able to mobilize and correct the problem quickly,” Messera continued.

To report Town of Matthews street or sidewalk issues call the Matthews Public Works Department at 704-847-3640.