On Saturday, June 13, Heathfield hosted its fourth annual Neighbors in the Park Day at Fairview Park in Mint Hill. Approximately 40 Heathfield residents attended the event in spite of the high temperatures for the day. The day included softball activities, a cook-out and the 4th Annual Dessert Bake-Off. The Dessert Bake-Off winners were: Kathy Ramyar (Best Tasting); Chet Schmit (Originality) and Melody Parrott (Presentation). Six Heathfield residents served as judges for the Dessert Bake-Off: Matt Wittman, Ed Baetz, Larry Blakeney, Melinda Johanson, Roslyn Hill and Cameron Blakeney. HOA President, Dave Johanson, and Vice-President, Matt Parrott, did the grilling.