CMS releases latest new MH high school boundary maps


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools released today its latest versions of boundary maps for the new Mint Hill high school. CMS will announce student placement for the new high school, Butler, Independence, and East Meck at its August 11 meeting. Pick up a copy of today’s Mint Hill Times to read more about the Board of Education’s update on the boundary process at Tuesday’s meeting.

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15 comments on “CMS releases latest new MH high school boundary maps
  1. More socioeconomic gerrymandering by CMS. Current Indy and the new school are almost identical in numbers. We are busing kids out of the new school and sending them to Indy. That makes a whole lot of sense. Sends transportation costs thru the roof!

    Bldg utilzation….Indy is guaranteed to open with trailers…Bain area is the fastest growing folks yet our great BOE is going to open it with 120%-129%??

  2. Why is cms treating us like last weeks leftovers? Mallard Creek HS is UNDER capacity and the new bailey road hs will open under capacity. Are you kidding me cms????? 39 trailers at Indy and 29 at Bulter but zero trailers at Mallard Creek HS.

  3. Because the BOE does not care about anything but the free and reduced lunch numbers…same old nonsense from CMS.

    Time to vote these people off the BOE…Molly Griffin, James Ross and Tom Tate are the yahoos behind these plans. I’m sure Kim Walker will vote with James Ross like she usually does and doesn’t think for herself ever and Joe White will vote what is best for EM or his grandkids or the underdog school and Trent Merchant…not sure what the hell he votes for these days but from the past he has gone with Molly and Ross and their posse.

    Somehow the BOE is hell bent on sticking it to this area….what’s that about BOE?

  4. I think the new set of plans are a little better than the last option recommended by the CMS staff. It does keep most of Mint Hill’s kids together at one school. Although, I’m concerned about the 129% utilization number for Indy due to the expected growth in the Bain attendance zone. I think they will be quickly overwhelmed over there. If they could find a way to shave another 10% or so off the numbers at Indy it may be a decent plan. All that said, I still think the Mint Hill plan was head and shoulders above this plan- in actual numbers and community “buy in”. CMS & BOE seems to be too stubborn to listen to logic though.

  5. They could move part of Albemarle Rd out of Indy and into EM. EM is not growing so they can take on a higher bldg utilzation % and actually make the bldg more efficiently run since a school runs the most efficient at its capacity of 133% for a high school. That would lower Indy and get it in line with not having to open with trailers.

    The way it is now…Indy will open with trailers. We are talking another 1 1/2 yrs from now that this school opens and more people are coming down here during that time raising the population.

  6. I agree – I think some of Albemarle Road should be pushed over to EM to make a little more breathing room at IHS. Or, some of the JH Gunn split could be slid back over to the new school. One way or another, since 129% won’t work with the Bain feeder area in the mix. Just too much growth coming.

  7. Mallard Creek has ZERO trailers and is an under capacity school move the JW Greir kids up there.

  8. That just makes waaaaaay too much sense. Besides, CMS & the BOE wouldn’t dare think outside this “East Learning Community” box they are in.

  9. Every student will be guaranted a seat in a school close to them!!!!According to the BOE Guiding Principles.

  10. Be careful what you ask for. Everyone was up in arms about the boundaries and started the push for “one high school for Mint Hill.” Looks like the BOE gave you exactly what you asked for. One high school for Mint Hill. Now you are upset that it is Independence and not the new school. If Mint Hill does not get a realistic view of what it wants (not the selfish positions I keep hearing) the BOE will do what they want and Mint Hill will be divided forever.

  11. Mint Hill is not selfish. We just want our kids to go to the new school because that was the plan in passing the bonds. And we choose to live in Mint Hill not Garinger area. What is so selfish about that.

  12. I am new to the area; what does it mean when you say it’ll be like “Garinger”? I think if we throw all of our support to Indy, then maybe it will blossom? I moved to MH in expectation of the new mall, new school, new neighborhood, and Bain as my elementary school. Now I have the new house with barely any neighbors, no mall, and old schools with lesser than performance — I am very conflicted.

  13. Our frustration…. We wanted our children to go to BAIN, Mint Hill Middle, and then to Butler. We built our home in the district we wanted to be in. We didn’t build our home JUST anywhere, and expect the School system to let my kids go where we wanted them to go! We didn’t want to go to Independence, so we stayed away from there. I have always believed that if you want to go to a certain school, move your family into that district. If you want your kids to go to school there, it can’t be a terrible place to live!! All this extra bussing is costing the tax payers more than it should! Why not cut back on that instead of teachers??!!

  14. It is ironic that Mint Hill did get the “one school” it asked for. That school is Indy. Most people assumed it would be MH High. The problem is their no plan that will make everyone happy. I “assumed” that my kids would go to MH High since they went to Clear Creek. But I guess not based on todays plan.

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