NC begins holiday clamp down on drunk drivers

Gov. Bev Perdue today announced that state and local law enforcement officers will be out in full force over the Fourth of July holiday as part of the “Booze It & Lose It: Operation Firecracker” campaign. Checkpoints and stepped-up patrols will be conducted Monday, June 29, through Sunday, July 5, across the state in an effort to remove impaired drivers from the roads.

“Too many people fail to understand that alcohol and driving don’t mix. Impaired driving is no accident, nor is it a victimless crime,” Perdue said. “Law enforcement officers will crack down on impaired drivers, ensuring that everyone is celebrating the holiday responsibly.”
There were 377 alcohol-related crashes, 322 with injuries and 12 that resulted in fatalities, over the Independence Day week last year.
Officers charged more than 1,900 North Carolina motorists with driving while impaired during the 2008 “Booze It & Lose It: Operation Firecracker” campaign. More than 5,700 stepped-up patrols and checkpoints were held.

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2 comments on “NC begins holiday clamp down on drunk drivers
  1. This is such a great revenue generator for the cities, counties, and state.
    The more revenue losses the community suffers from job losses and lower tax revenues, the more check points we will continue to see. There are not enough arrests through the normal patrol protocol, so it becomes easier and more lucrative to stop everyone to catch someone. This allows all involved, attorneys, DA’s, police, courts etc….to cash in on the misfortune or bad decisions of others.

    After several years of research, it has been proven that Check Points have had little to no success at lowering Drunk Driving Arrests. It has however created a large revenue stream to the legal profession and the associates.

    Sad we live in a country that is slowly deteriorating our rights and freedoms.

  2. Sorry Mr. Washington, DWI checkpoints catch many drunk drivers. So people who are caught drunk driving or crash out are the victims you say. So the drunk that hits and kills someone is innocent in your eyes? People in general cant drive to begin with and when you mix alcohol in with it your gonna have crashes.

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