31Mint Hill Police were dispatched Sunday at 9:23 pm to an active alarm at New Beginnings Community Church on Stillwell Road in Mint Hill. Police were advised by telecommunications that the alarm company could hear someone inside the church making a lot of noise. Officers arrived on scene within minutes of the call and saw an office light on in the front of the building and the window broken out to the office.

241Mint Hill Police requested the assistance of the Matthews Police Department’s K-9 unit to conduct a track around the building, but was unable to detect a track for possible suspects. The K-9 unit then conducted a building search for any possible suspects inside the building, however no suspects were located.

Mint Hill Officers then entered the church to find a brick was used to smash in the window to the office and found several computer components taken from the office. The church does have security surveillance cameras and was able to capture several photos of the suspect exiting the church with the stolen items. The photos show the suspect the day before at the church and exiting the church after the crime was committed.

Mint Hill Police is asking for assistance from anyone who may be able to identify this suspect to please contact, Mint Hill Police at 704-545-1085. After Hours please contact dispatch at 704-889-2231.