MH Police bust indoor pot growers


Officers Forster (front), Blevins (left) and Garrison.

Mint Hill Police served a search warrant on a residence located at 10528 Truelight Church Road. Officers Blevins and Forster obtained this search warrant by investigating an anonymous tip received by the Mint Hill Police Department. Officers seized several marijuana plants from the basement of this residence. The marijuana plants were being grown using special grow lamps, and a homemade irrigation system. Officers also seized several items of drug paraphernalia associated with manufacturing, distributing and using illegal drugs. Officers arrested eight people in the house, five for possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of marijuana, and three for possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a dwelling for use and sale of illegal substances, and manufacture a controlled substance.

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63 comments on “MH Police bust indoor pot growers
  1. COMMON SENSE101 about the girl who killed her room mate. dont blame pot on the situation just because he was high when it happened he forgot, obviously it probably didnt happen cause you can tell if someone you’ve spent a whole night with leaves you or not unless he was asleep when she left. what should we make sleeping illegal now because our girlfriends and boyfriends may go murder someone? and stop talking about grammer grammer grammer who cares? you guys are like in you’re adult hood and were kids we dont care to type perfect when were trying to make a point. oh and taxpayer REALLLLLL intelligent, its understandable for us to be arguing on this because we’re teenagers but your some up tight modern man of society who thinks you’re higher then everyone because there’s pot smokers in world. since you’re such a ‘taxpayer’ why not go work for your family’s sake instead of being on MHT trying to out beat a bunch of kids?

  2. If tyler is any example of this current generation, we are ALL in serious, serious trouble. What a sad waste of potential. Too bad he probably won’t even realize it until he’s on the other side of 40 and it’s too late to do anything about it.

  3. to tyler hall:You totally missed my point,which was that the boyfriend couldnt give the accused girl an alibi cuz he ADMITTED that the weed had clouded his recall of events!

  4. To all of you who say that the pot growers need to get a job instead of selling pot, you all need to find out the truth before posting something you dont know about. I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS GROWING THE PLANTS, and I have a full time job. You probably couldn’t handle “gardening” with your full time job. So all of you need to go find something productive to do with your time, instead of being on here. Hell, I was at least being productive.

    P.S. It was to smoke and not to sell because i didn’t want to spend my hard earned money on it that I made at my FULL TIME JOB!

  5. @brett
    Good on ya, mate. Sorry it had to be you that they example-ized.

    @everyone else
    Owned. I don’t know where you get off saying people that smoke “don’t have jobs” and “can’t spell…”

    People don’t have jobs because the economy sucks. People can’t form a proper sentence because NC public schools suck. I went to private school most of my life, and didn’t start smoking until after I graduated. Ten years later, I’m doing fine and still enjoying everything a little bit more than you. It’s not a “gateway drug” — I’ve never done any drugs. I’ve only smoked pot. Cocaine is a drug. Cocaine is a helluva drug, according to the late Rick James. I wouldn’t know, and never intend to.

    The plant is super useful, there’s no doubt. Should it be legal to grow and consume? Absolutely. Should you be allowed to operate motor vehicles or the like on it? Probably not, but no one I know has had a problem with it. It’s not as “mind altering” as some of you may think [, unless it's eaten... but that's a whole other topic].

    The original point of the whole argument from my perspective was in how the situation was handled by the police… and WHY it was even handled in the first place.

  6. To Original Citizen

    What do you mean by handled by the police? If someone is committing a crime they usually arrest you, kinda common sense.

  7. Obviously those who are bashing pot have never tried it before. its a natrual plant that grows in the ground and if god didnt smoke it, it wouldnt be around.
    MHPD is hilarious.

  8. Well, I was just looking at Mecklenburg County Sheriffs website and saw something interesting. These kids were just growing a little dope for personal use, so the cops should leave them alone. How about the one that got arrested on the 4th of July with poss. of cocaine, poss. of marijuana, poss. of drug paraphen. and a buch of traffic charges. Makes ya wonder.

  9. Well cocaine and heroine are drugs from plants, so are they harmless like marijuana? Most coke heads are pricks and most heroine users look like they are on the brink of death in my opinion.

  10. One CRAZY girl killing someone and using pot as an alibi is not a good reason to condemn pot itself. If you seriously believe pot had anything to do with that girl acting the way she did than that just goes to show you know little about the effects of marijuana other than what was written in a one-sided study. I would be willing to bet my entire paycheck, which i promise most of you couldn’t make in a month, 95% percent of the people posted above drink alcohol(from personal expirience 1/2 of the cops in my city are alcoholics). A quick research of the statistics will show you that alcohol is worse than pot in every way! Yet you enthusiastically support a law that ruins the lives millions of people every year. Most of these have their whole lives ahead of them and no other criminal history. I don’t expect anyone here to wake up and realize that the marijuana laws in this country to more harm than they do good but maybe when its your niece or your grandchild you will stop that just because someone smokes pot it doesn’t make them a criminal!!!!!

  11. Very true capt marijuana side effects in my opinion are being hungry and lazy. However pot will never be legalized due to the large amounts of money beer companies use for lobbying. If pot was legalized beer companies would lose out big time. Most domestic disputes are alcohol related and hardly ever have anything to do with pot. Well maybe if someone spent the last of the money on some pot and made their significant other mad.

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