MH Police bust indoor pot growers


Officers Forster (front), Blevins (left) and Garrison.

Mint Hill Police served a search warrant on a residence located at 10528 Truelight Church Road. Officers Blevins and Forster obtained this search warrant by investigating an anonymous tip received by the Mint Hill Police Department. Officers seized several marijuana plants from the basement of this residence. The marijuana plants were being grown using special grow lamps, and a homemade irrigation system. Officers also seized several items of drug paraphernalia associated with manufacturing, distributing and using illegal drugs. Officers arrested eight people in the house, five for possession of drug paraphernalia and simple possession of marijuana, and three for possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, maintaining a dwelling for use and sale of illegal substances, and manufacture a controlled substance.

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63 comments on “MH Police bust indoor pot growers
  1. Weak. Go arrest some real criminals. Why would you be so happy to find like four plants? Have you never seen a real bust? If you’re not taking tons off the street a day, you aren’t doing anything.

    The “war on drugs” is over fellas, ARREST REAL CRIMINALS.

  2. Are you serious?!? That is no more than a 3×3 space… What a joke!
    They treat this like a major grow-op bust…
    this is nothing more than a few potheads hanging out in a house.. growing a little to smoke n…
    Leave these kind of people alone and so fight some real crime…

  3. There was only 6 plants that weren’t even that big. Also these were my boys who all god busted, and all they were doing was growing a few plants for them selves to smoke. ALL THEY BUSTED WAS A COUPLE BONGS AND 6 PLANTS, WHOOPDY DO! Don’t forget the other 27 officers who were there bragging because they FINALLY caught something in mint hill. Sorry guys, but your police station is probably the laughing stock of charlotte/mecklenburg police stations. Bust some real criminals

  4. “using special grow-lamps and a homemade irrigation system.” Haha special ‘grow-lamps’.. wow you guys sound ridiculous. They used grow lights that are used for multiple reasons to grow other things then pot. I would understand the egotistical ‘bust’ but this just proves how bored mint hill cops are. Have you ever watched DEA? Those are REAL busts when they have and entire basement of plants, or like bags of ex pills or something but this seems wayy to harmless for all the pride you guys have in yourselves.

  5. i really hope the cops are happy that they messed with 8 + peoples lives for something as small and stupid as this. it wasnt harming anyone. kids just wanted to smoke some pot. its not like the cops really knew what they were doing anyways. from first hand experience, they were unprofessional and hard to take seriously. but bravo…enjoy all the awesome pieces you took and thanks for ruining months of work.

  6. Its funny that all of the previous comments sound like they come from potheads. Get a life boys. Good job to the Mint Hill Police.
    The big busts come from the smaller ones.

  7. ^— You’re obviously have NO idea what you’re talking about. Maybe you should make some “pothead” friends and get some facts.

    I’ve never seen cheesier grins than the ones in those pictures. I bet you’re the one in the back right, correct? Can I get your autograph? Can it be on your resignation?

  8. I’m a retired Police Officer for twenty years and I guaranteed that those guys that got busted are at the Police Department with Mommy and Daddy to work out deals. The advised I can give you guys that were smoking at the house should be scared because the “Mole” will be planted in your group of friends. They will be an informant among you guys so if you thought Marijuana make you paranoid then you’re really going to be freaked out. So word to the wise your name will be on a Police File and you will never know until it’s your turn to get “Busted”. Good Job Mint Hill! Way to ruing their Summer. LOL

  9. You losers at the top of this page have no idea what you are talking about. Clearly you have no lives and are stuck looking at all day. Think how stupid you sound…drugs are drugs, no matter how much or how little. I say they deserved to get busted for being so stupid and growing the plants in a crappy little “wanna be” grow operation. They need to brush up and if they want to get a real thing going, run with the big boys…like the ones on DEA as someone previously mentioned.

  10. @ Jason Tisdale:
    Thanks for demonstrating the intellectual prowess of our fine law enforcement. Your grammar is astounding.

    This is the first time I’ve come to Mint Hill Times. I saw the story on News 14, laughed out loud, and searched for more information. I guess its just lucky for you that the MHT has a web developer that knows his SEO.

  11. good job?? all they needed was someone to snitch. please dont make it like they did anything special. there are bigger crimes out there to punish people for. i doubt this “growing operation” would have hurt anyone.

  12. The funny part is, some of the people charged with possession of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia, didn’t even have anything on them. They were arrested on the mere fact that they were IN the house and charged as that. Even after searching cars, one of the people charged with possession still didn’t have any marijuana on him, in his car, nor did he own any in the house.
    I also find it amusing because half the “plants” were dead. They make it out to sound like it was some huge drug operation when it was just a bunch of teenagers trying to get a little extra cash.
    I think its ridiculous that Mint Hill finds busting a few kids so amusing.

  13. Wow, anon, you sure do seem to know a lot. You must have been one of the retards out there, or you are stupid enough to hang out with these losers.

    Didn’t your mom ever tell you that you can be found guilty by association???? Oh wait, I guess your parents weren’t too active in your life.

    Newsflash…selling pot is against the law, even if you are “trying to make a little extra cash.” GET A JOB!!!!!!

  14. who said they were going to sell it…? its not like these are big drug dealers who are supplying half of charlotte with pot…

  15. What part of ILLEGAL are you dorks not understanding? It doesn’t matter if its one plant or 100. ITS ILLEGAL TO HAVE. Your buds got what the deserved!.

    No one wants to live next door to a drug house.

  16. what drugs are we talking about here?
    last time i checked marijuana is a plant, what chemica process is required to turn marijuana into a drug?
    people can get prescribed 60 xanax a month crash and kill innocent people and not even remember it the next day..
    but some kids are sitting in a house which is comepletely secluded to the rest of the world. and jesus christ grab the dogs, the people are ruining society.
    i completely call into question the integrity of the MHPD (which by the way is completely synonymous for the word rookie. The cops didnt even know how to fill out the paperwork when arresting the kids. i couldnt imagine the fact the 5 other officers were left to protect the citizens while 20+ officers were in a house writing tickets for people who didnt even lawfuly have possesion of anything. you guys are rookies, and thats why charlotte officers laugh at you. you should spend more money on training your officers on how to do more than write speeding tickets and mess with kids. If i could see any of your faces i would spit in them. 2 cents for the rookies.

  17. A drug house? It’s not like it was a freaking meth lab… it was SIX PLANTS! You people [ not on my side.. ;) ] need a serious reality check!

    Hemp, or cannabis, or marijuana was outlawed in 1937 because it threatened the nation-less corporate interests of William Randolph Hearst and DuPont. They had to get rid of the competition. Hearst’s yellow journalism newspaper chain wrote scathing stories about “marijuana” – a word he made up – because he knew no one would believe them about hemp, which George Washington himself grew. On top of that, it’s never or killed a soul…

    Have another fact: One acre of hemp can produce 300% more paper than an acre of trees, and can be regrown ~3 times a year, whereas trees take decades. It’s time for the country to get it’s collective head out of it’s government’s butt and GET REAL FFS.

    Now, explain to me why you think these kids “deserved” this?

  18. Illegal is a fun term to use here. There’s the tenth amendment, the fourth amendment and the codes and laws dictating federal jurisdiction. I don’t want to be long winded here, but I’ve been in the military for a decade, I am not a drug user and I have been poorly educated at a state run college. If you were to look into this, you’d find that it is a matter of state law and rights that decides if this is indeed a crime, and that the federal laws are not just unjust but often unconstitutional and therefore illegal. This country is in it’s current state because people don’t know their rights, don’t object when they take our rights away. Learn your rights, learn the design of our government and the constitution so we can be a free, safe, just place to raise our future generations. Being “illegal” is not simply enough. Law is about justice and what in this was just? This is our country, we’re supposed to be free. Check out and learn something.

  19. First of all, congratulations to the Mint Hill Police Department. You all should be proud of yourselves. As was mentioned above, drugs are drugs and you have to get to the little fish before you can get to the big fish. For you others out there who think that just because “your boys” were the ones dumb enough to get caught with just their six plants, I must congratulate you on your willingness to admit that you too must grow your “own” crop and that we all get to look forward to paying for you when you get caught and must have an attorney appointed to you because you obviously can’t get a job due to your lack of common sense. One of your so called “boys” will rat you out because thats what people like you do. When the cops get an anonymous tip for a small bust, you’re saying they should just forget about it because they should just sit around and wait for something more serious? I bet you all would love to just sit around with your “boys” and smoke and complain because the cops arent doing anything. Don’t be mad because you were outsmarted. The comment about the trees and hemp, that’s a great idea. Why don’t you start the trend, grow a whole bunch, let us know where, and we’ll come pick it and you up.

    P.S.- If or when you get a job, you may realize that everything you do won’t have an immediate effect, but it is a stepping stone to a larger goal. CONGRATS again to MHPD. All you others get a job, get a clue, and get some new “boys.”

  20. I’d like to echo many of the comments made by “stunna” above. Congrats to all the officers involved in this bust. Marajuana use has become too common-place in our society and the ages of those using this DRUG seem to be getting younger and younger. I applaud Mint Hill and all other officers out there working to clean our streets.

    It starts with dirt bags like these looking to make a buck, willing to sell it to just about anyone, that has put us where we are today. Drug dealers are intertwined, so getting the smaller ones will undoubtedly lead to those with larger supply.

    “Your boys” need to get a job or maybe a hobby…maybe you all could sign up for some summer classes; work to improve your grammar a bit. Keep smoking your weed, keep getting dumber, you’re just making it much easier for good cops like those at MHPD to bust you.

  21. You have got to be kidding me. How many man hours and money were spent to bust a few kids with a couple of plants and a bong. Holy crap there must be a shoplifter that needs arrested, at least that would be an upgrade from this pathetic display of police authority.

  22. Id like to say gratz to the pd, for bustin these few pot smokers, and puttin charges on a few of them that could give them time in the pen, when everyday rapist walk free. I mean r u kidding me this is such a joke,and i hope the pd is rly happy

  23. Let’sget this straight-if someone broke into your home and took a couple hundred bucks you would say”oh well it’s only a little cash,they probably really needed it. Don’t bother calling the cops for something so petty.”get real. You are lucky to live in a small town where busting potgrowers is a big deal . And if you want to go unnoticed why dont you move to a big city where there are bigger crimes being committed! Also if you know of any larger criminal activity going on in your small town(ie that rapist walking free) isnt it your job to inform the police dept? I won’t say congrats to the mint hill cops cuz you were just doing your job.

  24. first off stunna and fresh you are both worthless diseases on our society. Your both like little Hitlers guess what i was one of the 8 arrested for possession and paraphernalia which not one of the 5 with those charges were in possession of on their person or vehicles. Here is some other fun facts none of you whether on our side or not was there or know the real story. There is just a couple things i feel like assuring you people the people involved weren’t drug dealers, and yes gath it was a tremendous waste of resources out of the 31 maybe mhpd there was i think they said 27 there. Now for all you people who live in mint hill lets just think of a smart number to represent the number of crack heads and overall distasteful characters wandering around mint hill at that time. Great job. Also no its wasnt a drug growing complex or a major drug bust all the mhpd did was take 8 kids to jail because they wanted to look good. Its not easy being the most obscure police force around the city i mean you gotta do something to look good. Now during this time two vehicles pulled down the driveway both got citations and were allowed to leave both also had actual pot in there vehicles. Yet 5 kids who didnt got arrested just for being in the house. 3 is to small of a number to throw all over the news. Now back to stunna and fresh of course people will take two names like that seriously do you even know what pot really is i guarantee without a single doubt in my mind i am far more intelligent than both of you combined you think pot is a drug? Maybe you didn’t know its legal for medicinal use in NC and o every other state in the country. Pot is less destructive to the body than alcohol or cigarettes you can in fact overdose on nicotine and alcohol both destroy your lungs and liver. Without getting into it anymore id just like to say keep up with your single minded dumn ass comments and if my post is deleted that should show everyone how scared MH is of a little intelligence. Shouldn’t really come to any surprise to anyone but there is in fact a reason aspiring police officers don’t make the Charlotte pd, Mint Hill is a perfect example but i guess its easy to confuse a camaro with a corvette on your police report right guys. o also fresh pot doesn’t make you dumb sitting down and trolling the mint hill times website drinking your Pbr and smoking your Marlboro’s do, if you think otherwise please post back id love to make you look like an idiot, more than you already have that is.
    Have a nice day,

  25. V – Your “intelligence” is staggering. I would be willing to bet you didn’t fare so well in 9th grade English class- did you? Or, maybe all those “hazy” years are finally starting to eat away at your brain cells. Oops.

  26. yea your right i mean you didn’t say anything to tough did you staggering and intelligence are big words how did your spell checker do on those? Come up with something relevant or just don’t bother posting you made yourself look stupid its ok though i’m sure everyone forgives you. Im guessing maybe you live on rocky river road? oops.

  27. V – I’m still having a bit of difficulty understanding your 5th grade grammar and punctuation, but I think I figured it out after a couple of passes. In the end it really didn’t matter though, because you still didn’t make a point- other than some weak attempt at an insult. As far as my living on Rocky River – that would be incorrect! Oops.

  28. It’s a plant. Surely there are violent criminals out there who pose a greater threat to society then people growing plants in their own house.

    And to those who say that drugs lead to violence-the real reason they do this is because they’re illegal. Same way prohibition lead to more mob violence in the 20s. No different.

  29. and Ive yet to see your point rockyriver i admit i don’t bother with the punctuation that’s a waste of my time your not worth it as for some weak attempt at and insult drugs are things like crack,heroin, and cocaine pot is a plant. what is your point exactly? like i said none of you know the real story so why bother not like yours or my opinions even matter in the end.
    this is my last post its not worth the time arguing with misinformed jackasses, night kids stay safe, i hear you get arrested for simple misdemeanors now days. : ) its fun hiding behind computers.
    (want some actual information i cant say its non biased but some of it isnt educate yourselves

  30. Man I’ve never seen so many posts on this website before. Ill throw in my two cents as well…. First off, THANK YOU MINT HILL PD! Thank you for everything that you do! Second, obviously some of the pot heads that got busted on here have nothing better to do with there time, like possible improve there education or get a job. I live down the street from them on Truelight. Talk about some real winners… Wow. Fellas, your simple, plant, or harlmess drug or whatever word you choose to use to describe, is nothing but a gateway drug for more. Get away from it while you can, and make something of yourself. Please.

  31. Hey V real quick, just wanted to ask what part of growing and smoking pot made you so “intelligent” that you have a spelling error in almost every sentence that you write? I mean I don’t want to pick on your grammar but it’s just sad. Anyways you don’t need to be angry at us for posting our comments. It’s your fault not ours that you would make such an “intelligent” decision to be caught in a place where illegal activity was being performed (regardless if you were doing it or not). Which makes me want to point out that you said you were arrested and you did nothing wrong, but you later, (in another post) said that apparently you can get arrested for a misdemeanor. Get your story straight. Oh and we don’t hide behind computers we just choose to use our right to freedom of speech. But if you think we are hiding behind computers I would just have to say that it’s better then hiding behind bars. Am I right?

  32. V, I hope your feelings weren’t hurt because you got called out by stunna and fresh. They hit you in the head. Intelligence is a wonderful thing when it is put to good use, but I aint mad at ya. Drugs are drugs, crime is crime.
    P.S.: What is “V”?

  33. If I have to pay taxes on every bit of money I make, these jokers should too. If they want to have some cash then they should get a job. Oh wait a minute, they can’t pass the drug test. Sounds like future morons that my taxes will keep up when they get off there parents tit and try the real world.

  34. Sounds to me like the smart ones are the ones being lazy and having a good time smoking/selling pot while the ‘real world’ works their asses off and sits around complaining they have to fork out money for stoners’ decisions. At least the pot heads aren’t getting taxed on selling their illegal plants!

  35. You guys act like only people without jobs smoke pot. Nothing could be further from the truth. But if it helps you support your ignorant, narrow minded agenda, have at it.

  36. I have to say all of your views are entertaining and somewhat comical but for all you who are saying that nothing is wrong with these boys selling a little bit of pot just to make some money have the wrong idea. The cannibas that was growing was for personal use not to make any money from. ALL of you out there who look down at the cannibas smokers of today are just as wrong as you think they are. Yes marijuana is legally wrong (depending on what state and county your in )but on a moral stand point its not. The police should focus on the real things bringing society down like the hard drugs. If cannibas was legalized then there would be no crime involved with it because you would nt have to go to the dealer who is packing to buy it, you could go to the store or where it was sold. Also if cannibas was legal it would help the situation that our country is in right now with the economy and would create jobs for people everywhere. I mean think about it, its a plant that God created not a man made substance like any other drug.
    The reason why the stuff is still illegal is all to do with politics. What many of you out there dont know is that oil companys pay for the commercials talking about how bad marijuana is because if it was legal the oil you can produce from the hemp can get up to 70 miles per gallon and this would put the oil companys out of business.
    If you still think marijuana is wrong all i can tell you is to educate yourself on the subject the best book that you can read is called “The Emperor Wears no Clothes” this tells you all about cannibas and how its been used over the years for all different medical reasons and how the ships that brought us to America were made of almost all hemp and that hemp fiber is the strongest non man made rope known . I bet all you cops who arrested 8 people including myself in this huge drug bust did not learn that at the police academy) It is as far from a “pothead” viewpoint on marijuana as you can get and if you still hold your same viewpoint then what can i say your just as ignorant as the “potheads” as your making fun of.

  37. Wow, so with marijuana we can run our cars super cheap, make enough clothes to clothe all the third world countries, cure cancer and every other disease, solve world hunger, fix the economy, and achieve world peace!!!! Why isn’t this stuff legal???

    Give me a break. I have no desire to read your stupid propaganda books. You’re better off using the pages to roll your joints. Why don’t you guys read something useful like a school book or something?

    Bottom line, right now its illegal. So don’t go whining about the jackbooted thugs arresting you if you get caught with it. If and when its made legal, then by all means, smoke yourselves into oblivion.

  38. marijuana is a mind-altering substance,which makes it dangerous,whether or not you consider it a drug.Do you read newspapers? follow the story about the American student accused of killing her roomate in Italy. Her alibi is that she smoked pot with her boyfriend and then fell asleep and spent the night with him. he claims he doesnt know if she actually was with him the whole night because he had smoked pot and was unclear about events. oops!

  39. Of course they don’t read the newspaper. Did you see “V”s grammer, I doubt if they can read (unless it says “rolling papers” with a picture of a joker on it). Don’t you think these comments are getting a little ridiculous?

  40. Police themselves are useless wastes of tax money who lie, cheat, and manipulate the undereducated retards they round up. As for the mole he would probrably get more valuable intel investigating the police. America needs to wake the f@@@ up. Meanwhile a violent 3 time felon gets into a shootout with the police in the us today. Someone wanna tell me why this guy was not in jail already? But I’m sure they’ll make sure they throw the book at these people so there’s no room for actual threats to society. I hope these peoples overcrowding springs a violent offender to live next door to all u rats. Absolutely a pathetic waste of tax dollars no firearms or actual drugs. Ya I’m sure these guys got tons of people to roll over on too. They looked like the best they could do is a nickel dimer at best.

  41. as for reading the paper that explains a lot about u and your jaded one sided views on things. Try something they call experience I hear that’s the best teacher, now go back to your regularly scheduled paper and coffee dumbass robots.

  42. everyone of the up tight people on here saying good job MHPD you guys don’t understand we’re not trying to say that they shouldn’t have gotten in trouble no shit its illegal to grow and sale and smoke pot, but what were saying MHPD is doing is spreading false information and they don’t need to making it seem like a damn “huge DRUG bust” when it wasn’t even that big of deal. Mint Hill cops are just bored that’s all. Also the guy at the the top who is a retired COP the only reason you’re taking the police stations side is because you used to be a cop, and we’re on OUR FRIENDS SIDE because 1. its not honest justice and 2. there’s people in the world who smoke pot and of course other people who smoke pot are going to be on the side of the other smokers. Our only point were trying to bring across is don’t make it seem like such a huge bust. Go find a basement full of plants and someone trafficking pounds and pounds of weed, then (quote on quote of mhpd) go light up your victory cigars.

  43. oh and by the way, they were NOT growing to sale, they were trying to SAVE money instead of buying pot they thought they’d grow it and save some money instead of make money off of it so all you 40 year old hypocrites can stop getting your panties in a wad about this because i’m sure atleast once in your life YOU’VE SMOKED POT! Who knows you’ve probably done more then pot but now anyone else who does it is a loser, has nothing going for them, needs to get a job, you know what? what ever because obviously most of the people on here know what theyre talking about when it comes to cannibis and hemp and all you guys keep saying is its still illegal. just quit being so closed minded.

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