Matthews releases statement on Mint Hill high school boundaries

The Town of Matthews released a statement today in support of CMS’s Tuesday vote to postpone the decision on the boundaries for the new Mint Hill high school.

“We have been hearing from people that the plans were never on the CMS Web site and there had not been an opportunity to fully discuss the impacts of the proposed pupil assignment plans on area high schools,” said Mayor Lee Myers. “We hope that the public will take advantage of this delay by CMS and visit  and click 2010-2011 School Boundary to become fully informed on what changes are proposed.”
CMS held two official public workshops, one at Independence High School and the other at Butler High School earlier this year. The three community maps, combined with the five maps generated by CMS staff,  have been on the CMS Web site for more than a month.

Mint Hill’s boundary map, designed by town staff as well as a hand-picked committee by Mayor Ted Biggers, was voted down at Tuesday’s meeting. The map was not posted on the CMS Web site, but has been available on several other Web sites including

Matthews Mayor Pro-Tem Jim Taylor said Matthews wants two great schools, one in Matthews and one in Mint Hill, but the two towns differ on the approach.

“We’ve all got the same ultimate goal in mind, it’s just how we get there,”  Taylor  said. “Any plan that is to be considered by the CMS Board should be fully disclosed and allow for all families that will be impacted to weigh in before action is taken. That is the only way to be completely transparent and for the decision making process to be fair to all.”

Currently, most of Mint Hill CMS high school students attend Butler. Mayor Myers said after Tuesday’s meeting that Mint Hill’s boundary plan will have an adverse affect on Butler High School.

“It changes the demographics that we worked hard on improving,” Myers said.

14 comments on “Matthews releases statement on Mint Hill high school boundaries
  1. Myers actually came out and said that he doesn’t like the MH plan because it would change the demographics at Butler? How has this guy been mayor for like 16 years and makes a comment like that? I guess he gets points for honesty, but I can’t imagine that the CMS BOE will take any advice now from a guy whose biggest concern is race. Sorry, Mayor Myers, you can’t keep the MH kids at Butler just because they are white. I think Matthews needs a new Mayor.

  2. Mint Hill’s plan is diverse as the recommended plan by CMS is not at all as far as Butler is concerned. I am glad their stance came out in the open.

    CMS should go back to original option 2 or 3. Had they done that initially this would have never gone to a public meeting. This will probably be the most likely compromise which I believe most of Mint Hill can live with….if we don’t get the preferred unified option.

  3. I just read your post MH/RC and you are right on but we are the ones that looked like the bad guys after the meeting.

  4. The sad thing about it was that what we meant to be the first pep-rally for the new school ended up being viewed as a demanding mob by some of the people who were unfamiliar with our purpose. How can Mayor Myers possibly think he has a right to keep the Mint Hill kids in Butler – just to keep the demographics from being changed? Quote: “It changes the demographics that we worked hard on improving,” Myers said.

    I wonder how they worked hard to improve the demograpics?

    That sounds pretty racist if you ask me.

  5. They are not Mint Hill kids, they are CMS kids. Let them do their jobs and don’t start the racist talk. What do you think Mint Hills plan is based on?

  6. Well – if this sad excuse for a boundary proposal presented by CMS is approved, I expect that there will be a number of Mint Hill kids who will no longer be “CMS kids”. The Mint Hill plan is based on letting the kids from our town actually attend the school that is being built in our town, together with the kids they’ve grown up with in elementary school- what a novel idea.

  7. Until you people get off your butts and stop re-electing same idiots for the school board and the county commission, NOTHING is going to change. You whine about it when it affects you locally. That is why this county is so screwed up. Nothing ans no one ever changes.

  8. If Mint Hill High School opens as a Title One school, my 2 TD & 4.0 EOG children will no longer be CMS students. If that’s what CMS wants, then tey’ll get what they asked for.

  9. It irks the heck of out me when people cry racism every time something happens that they don’t agree with. The word racist is thrown around so much lately, it has become a cliche. Seriously, can’t you come up with something better? The words “Racism” and “Racist” are so tired and quite honestly, don’t pack the punch they once might have. I’m over it and I think many others are too.

    In the current staff recommended plan as well as Option 2 and 3, the neighborhood where I live is divided into two different high schools. Am I a racist for wanting my kids to go to the same school as their friends up the street? Socio-economic snob maybe, but definitely not racist.

    Our children are not resources and are certainly not a FRL %. They are human beings, eager to learn and grow within their community with their friends in a school with a strong parental involvement.

    I was unable to attend the school board meeting, but I watched it on television. The board member who insisted the the plan proposal introduced by the Mint Hill / Reedy Creek community wasn’t a valid option because it wasn’t proposed by an elected official or developed within the blinded confines of CMS, seriously needs to remember that it was people who made him an elected official.

    It was refreshing to see some board members take a stand in supporting the Mint Hill Reedy Creek option. Perhaps if more within CMS would inject some fresh ideas and innovative thinking, CMS wouldn’t be so burdened with an out of whack budget and under-performing schools.

    I think some board members are so set on the status quo and fear that if the Mint Hill plan passes, it opens the door for other Mecklenburg towns to demand the same for their children. Once again, it’s politicians putting politics ahead of common sense. Except for Mayor Biggers. Luv him!

  10. The new plan is out…came out 7/26/09. It is better (a little) for the part of Mint Hill that was going to the new high school and worse for the part of Mint Hill going to Butler. Basically all of Mint Hill is now going to Independence, from Idlewild all the way to Brief Road. A very small portion of Mint Hill is actually going to the new high school.

  11. The plan developed by the Town and citizens of Mint Hill was far better than what CMS keeps trying to do. However, in the meeting last night they said that all the previous options are still on the table and they won’t release the one that they’ve picked until probably the Friday before the plan is voted on. The final vote is on Tuesday August 11th if nothing changes. If you have concerns, please contact the BOE members and let them know what you think.

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