getimagefromdbbyWilliam Jared Harrison, 21, of 1409 Ashstead Lane, of Matthews, has been arrested following an incident at Carmel Baptist Church in Matthews. Around 2 am Friday morning Matthews Police Officers responded to an alarm at the church facility. Once they arrived they were able to apprehend Harrison.

He has been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and additional charges are pending. Harrison has a lengthy criminal history. The church was broken into on Wednesday night as well. Electronics were stolen including flat screen televisions. Harrison is also a suspect in this break-in. Matthews Police Officers are continuing the investigation and seeking the identity of additional suspects in these break-ins. Witnesses did see other suspects fleeing the scene this morning around the time the alarm was activated. Matthews Police were assisted by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officers in conducting several searches of the church facility this morning in order to ensure that the church was safe and no more suspects were onsite.