Staff recommendation for new Mint Hill high school released by CMS


Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools released their recommendations for boundaries for the new Mint Hill high school. The Lebanon Road area will go to Independence High School, while the boundary line for the new high school and Butler High School is the Lawyers road area. Tomorrow night the CMS planning staff will officially recommend the boundary map to the CMS school board.


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44 comments on “Staff recommendation for new Mint Hill high school released by CMS
  1. How does this new school with 34% white and 43% poverty possibly reflect the demographics of Mint Hill?!? This is a complete sham! How do students from so far north (JW Grier, The Plaza, Reedy Creek) end up in a “Mint Hill” high. Our community is being ripped apart by this stupid plan. A new school @ 107% capacity on day 1 with no room for growth. Why are our towns elected leaders accepting this?

  2. This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. The down town square in Mint Hill will be divided into two different High Schools. Why are they even calling it the Mint Hill High School when only 25%, if that, are even living in Mint Hill. I was excited about my son going to the new school but the way this looks I would rather drive him to Butler.

  3. This is unfortunate. I moved into Mint Hill for the schools and not only will the square be divided but some developments as well. I understand that these decisions must be made but in this economy I am surprised a district would make a decision that most likely will affect enrollment in their district putting them in an even larger hole. I for one will move my child out of the district if they follow through with this last boundary option as will many other parents that I have already spoken to.

  4. Very unfortunate indeed. Mint Hill is being trampled on by CMS and a portion of our children are being used to try and bolster in a new school that will more than likely be a low performing school based on the demographics being presented. This school should have been built closer to Reedy Creek to better server the students that are being slotted to attend there. It seems that our elected leaders are just going to remain silent, sit in their hands and watch this happen. Community option 2 is a much better scenario than the staff recommendation. That option is a much better reflection of Mint Hill.

  5. I am still trying to understand how a district can justify busing kids across county considering necessary budget cuts as well as present and prior transportation issues. But a child living in Mint Hill will actually go elsewhere. Good use of funds there!

  6. What a travesty this will be if the “Staff Recommendation” is passed.

    Why not create a school with similar demographics to Butler? That is what community option 2 appears to do. When I think of Mint Hill, I don’t think of JW Grier, Reedy Creek, etc.

    How can we get behind a school where 75% of the students have absolutely no relationship to our community?

    If this thing happens as it appears it will, my home will be on the market within the coming year.

  7. Community support is what makes or breaks a school. That’s what makes schools like Bain special. If we have a new high school where a large percentage of the students are from outside our town, I would be very surprised if the same level of support will exist.

  8. I would put my house on the market as well however, the buyers that I need to attract to my house aren’t going to be interested in sending their kids to Mint Hill High either under this arrangement.

  9. Good point! I didn’t even consider the property value aspect. Arrrgghh.. I guess the square will become a dividing line and those of us living to the north of Lawyers will be considered from the “wrong side of the tracks” someday.

  10. What do my kids living off of 218 have in common with someone that lives off of the Plaza?? This is totally going to be a school of the haves and the have not’s. This is going to separate the school even further.
    Not to mention my tax dollars to pay for some kid to sit on a bus for an hour from the Plaza all the way out to Truelight Church Rd. They would literally cross though the Independence district just to get to Mint Hill High. I bet if the Butler and Independence Head football coaches got together they could make a run at the School Board for a change. After all look at the talent pool they will be losing.

  11. Well, it looks like there was a pretty good turnout at the school board meeting last night with many speaking against the new plan. Some of the board members seem to agree that the recommended plan can be improved, so we need to continue to work as a community to get the best option for our community and hopefully prevent the splintering of Mint Hill in general and Bain elementary specifically. There will be a meeting this Friday evening at Bain to continue the discussion. One of the board members suggested that the mayors of Mint Hill and Matthews should be involved in this process – hopefully that will happen. Are you listening Mr. Biggers? We do not need to be busing children from the Garinger area to smooth the demographics. Mint Hill will continue to grow and the new school does not need to be opened with 107% utilization on day one.

  12. I feel it is unfair to those of us who specifically moved to Mint Hill for the schools to be rezoned. I feel that if the school is named Mint Hill High it should be for those of us IN ALL of Mint Hill, not including parts of Charlotte with students of failing grades to keep test scores up. I feel this is a slap in the face to us, and our mayor has not said allot (although he did when CMC bought his LAND and tried to get a COMN). My wife and I spend a lot of time with our children studying and reading so they can be better people. Why should our kids be penalized due to other parents not doing the same. They should not be included just to make it FAIR, because all this shows is that you don’t have to strive to be better. I think a class action suite against CMS should be done due to the fact that it affects our property values also. Maybe that would have them start thinking of new ways to improve impoverished areas.

  13. I am moving out of the dumbest school system ever conceived and taking my 2 Talent & Development, A/A honor roll children to another county. This “Staff” recommendation doues not reflect the demographics of the area and will prove the being politially correct WILL NOT change generations of behavior. Watch the necxt great white flight from the area. Gormanwill get his wich; another low poverty, low perfoming school! Dumb ass …

  14. I’m wondering if the town council & mayor will get involved now? Why are we not hearing anything from them? Do they lack courage to take a stand? Do they really want a low performing school with disengaged and disinterested parents? Or do they think the parents from the JW Grier community will take up the slack? HA!

    Hopefully the community realizes that there is much at stake here – even for those of you who don’t have children in the CMS system. Look at Community Option 2 – that is much better than the “staff recommended” option.

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  16. Next thing the City will do is to build low income apartments and housing in the Mint Hill “zone” to fill in the void of those who were lucky enough to move so the school is full.

  17. I had hoped that the town leaders would take as much interest in this new school as they did for the new mall. So far it seems like some have adopted an attitude that it’s a no-win situation for them, so just let the chips fall where they may. If someone will just reason this out, it’s clear to see that the new school CAN be much better than what is currently proposed without harming Butler too much, and still helping to ease the burden for Independence and East Meck.

  18. For all of those concerned about the CMS Planning Board’s proposal, please attend the Mint Hill Town Hall Meeting tonight (5/14) at 7pm and express yourselves! There will also be a meeting at 7pm at Bain Elementary on Friday, May 15th organizing support for changes in the proposal. This is not a done deal! The CMS School Board will not vote until June 9th and even that vote can be delayed for more discussion. Don’t give up!

  19. I want to voice my opposition to this insane plan. Looks like I missed the meeting, how can my wife and I help?

  20. There were 2 meetings this week- one at the town hall and one at Bain Elementary. Both were well attended by the public and much displeasure was voiced against this current proposal. It was terrific to see Mayor Biggers, members of the town council and Ken Gjertsen of the school board were present for both meetings. I think the vast majority of those in attendance were in agreement that this current plan is a mistake and that we deserve a better situation for our children and our town. We all need to keep fighting for a change before the board has a chance to vote on this. Email the Dr. Gorman, the school board, etc.

  21. I don’t have a position on either side but I must say after reading these comments I felt I must point out how you all sound. Bigots is a word that comes to mine. Head in sand might be appropriate here. You live in Mecklenburg County just like the wall street big heads I would say wake up. Think about what your most concerned about and then take a hard look at this position that is consuming you. If you wanted your child to go to the same school all his life and be sheltered from the rest of the world you should have moved to a small community and not Charlotte. I don’t have children in this school system but I wanted to let you know how you sound to an outsider. Do you also teach your children to hate people who you feel are below you? Do you teach your children to be bigots and call children names. I know a parent who’s child went to Independence and came out on drugs. How about the child at Butler who drinks and drive and parents protect them. Poor people love their children and want to support them just as much as you. I’m also sure they don’t want their children going to a school where they will be talked about and ridaculed everyday either.

  22. Confused and Sorry – I know where you are coming from on this and I hate to hear any arguments on this matter based on race, because that is really NOT the issue here. I, for one, wish there was some more diversity in our schools. That said, I truly believe that the big issue here is community. CMS may not build schools for specific townships – but they do say that their goal is to build “community schools” and develop community support for those schools. The proposed plan literally divides our community into three high schools. CMS has a great opportunity here to develop an EXCELLENT high school that unites all of the wonderful and talented Mint Hill kids together. That means ALL of the Mint Hill kids, not just the “Bain kids”. If we can bring the kids of Bain, Clear Creek and Lebanon Road together at a school, I think you’ll see that there will be more diversity and FRL kids than you expect. I think many people who would argue against this, miss the point that from what I’ve heard, many families in the JW Grier/Reedy Creek area don’t want to be bussed all the way down to Mint Hill and OUT of their community. They believe in community schools too. If you attended any of this past week’s meetings, I think that you would be proud of your community. The remarks being made and plans being proposed are positive and are much more about inclusion of the rest of the kids in our town, than “exclusion” of the 3rd district kids. I could be fighting to get my kids back into Butler, but what is best for our town and community is to have a high school here that will get the tremendous community support it deserves and that means kids from our community must actually attend the school. After re-reading what I’ve written here, I understand that I used the word “community” about a hundred times, but that’s OK, because to me, that’s the whole point here.

  23. I think some of you should educate yourselves about this process.

    #1-The new high school was not built just for Mint Hill. It is an East learning community school. It was built to help with over crowding at Independence and Butler. Hence a plan was chosen that has students who would have been attending Independence(Reedy creek & JW Grier) being slated for the new school and students who would have attended Butler-( Clear Creek and some Bain kids.)

    #2-The schools name is probably not going to be Mint Hill high school. That is what it is being called for now because it resides just barely in Mint Hill but a name will be decided in the future.

    #3- A school is considered at full occupancy at 133% not 100%. So a school at 107% still has room for growth.

    As far as Community option #2 goes-It looks like nothing but a busing nightmare. Your bringing kids from the very end of Mint Hill near the Matthews border and also kids from way up by Reedy Creek. The high school kids get the bus at 6:25am in my neighborhood and we only live 2 miles from Butler. What time would my kids have to get to the bus stop to get to a school that is 4x’s further away?

    CMS is not going to let Lebanon Road kids go to the new high school. That school is a building block school for Independence High.

    I think it is rather funny that people in Mint Hill are all up in arms because Mint Hill is being split. Mint Hill has always been split. Poor Lebanon Road which is Mint Hill has been stuck in Independence and no one seemed to care. Why is that?

    I think you will see that the intention was always to have JW Grier and Reedy Creek slated for the new school. Look at all the options. Not one of them has them at any other school except with Comm. Option #2

    An exclusive Mint Hill high school will never be.

    Confused and Sorry-give me a break. I don’t need forced diversity. If I wanted my kids going to a school with more diversity I wouldn’t be living in Mint Hill. If you desire more diversity that is your choice and you can move to an area that is more diverse.

  24. Well….I’m guessing by your email that you were zoned Butler and nothing really has changed for you….right? I think everyone knew the HS wasn’t built EXCLUSIVELY for the residents of Mint Hill but I do think a lot of people thought the majority of Mint Hill would be zoned for it.

    Yes, when Butler was built Mint Hill was split between 2 high schools. If a residence or a place of business is “barely” in the town does that make it somehow not belong as much? Mint Hill police and fire dept. will service this new school because it is in the town limits.

    You think it rather funny that everyone is up in arms because Mint Hill is being split….well if this had not been in your favor how would you feel? Are you being critical of your Mint Hill neighbors that may not live as close to Matthews as you do? If you reversed the demographics of Butler and the new HS as they stand right now would you have an issue with distance….? Bottom line is you should be supportive of the community you live in and not be critical.

  25. Let’s say those people that are slated for the new high school were the ones going to Butler. I don’t believe for one minute they would be complaining about Mint Hill being split up and trying to get all of Mint Hill into the new high school when they are going to Butler.

    You say we should be supportive of our community but we are being looked at like the enemy. That somehow it is our fault that the planning service recommended this option.

    Not all Mint Hill agrees on this issue. Most wanted to keep Mint Hill in Butler and we fought in the beginning and let the planning service and BOE and Mayor Biggers know this.

    No I am not being critical of my Mint Hill neighbors because they don’t live as close to Matthews as I do. But the facts are the facts. I live 2 miles from Butler. Am I wrong to want to go to a good school that is near my home?

    I would fight along with the Mint Hill people who aren’t slated for Butler if they had a realistic plan. I went to the Bain meeting to see what they were planning to do and I would have backed them. But they are talking an exclusively Mint Hill High school. It’s not going to happen. They would have a better chance of getting their portion into Butler then they do an exclusively Mint Hill high school.

    You say most thought that a majority, not all of Mint Hill would be zoned for it. Where would the boundary be? Mint Hill would still be split. They use roads or rivers etc to make these boundaries. Look at recommended option. They made the split at Lawyers up Bain school road. Where else could they have drawn a boundary? They can’t just throw a line down on a map and say that is the boundary.

    And yes I would be mad if I was in the other peoples place. And I would fight. But I also would fight for a realistic option. I would fight to get the rest of us back into Butler. At least there were options out on the table that had Mint Hill all at Butler so that was something the planning commitee considered. No where was there an option showing an exclusive Mint Hill high school… which is what they want.

  26. Confused and Sorry- To address you first since you seem to be the most confused here and understandable so since you have no vested interest in this with no kids in the system.

    We are not Bigots for wanting our kids to go to a community school with the kids that live in OUR community. JW Grier and Reedy Creek are NOT our community. And J Andrews is right….JW Grier and Reedy Creek do NOT want to be bused out of their community. Someone from the BOE has already discussed with Grier this very topic and JW Grier wants to stay in their own community just like we do.

    Explain to me Confused and Sorry how going to a school like Butler is sheltering my kids from the rest of the world? Guess what? Go take a look at the USA demographics MR. Confused….the USA has about 13.4% blacks in it. Guess what? The current Butler school has 20% blacks in it…so we are MORE diverse than what my kids will be seeing in the REAL world. We didn’t move to Charlotte. We moved to the small community of Mint Hill for reason…the schools. I could have very easily moved to JW Grier or Reedy Creek and paid a whole lot less for my house if I wanted to live in Charlotte.

    From the sounds of your email saying how Butler parents “protect” their kids from drinking and driving? Whose the bigot now? I’m sure there are some parents whether they are from the Mint Hill area or any other area that would do that, but you can’t assume we all would do that.

    Now back to the school issue at hand. AM is right on here. The facts are the facts and there is no disputing them. I have been to every single meeting so far between the Kerr bldg, town hall and Bain elementary. While I feel for the people who right now are slated to go to the new high school, they need to realize what is going to be realistic to win if they have any hope at going to a well performing school.

    Schools in Mecklenburg county are county schools not township schools where you go to the school that is usually named after the town you live in. That has never been the way that Meck Cnty schools worked. The schools are for everyone in Meck county and after they divided the schools up into the different learning communities, it was the communities within each learning community that were being pulled to go to the different schools. Unfortunately, we have a superintendant who wants to try and raise the performance levels of low performing schools by bringing in middle class white kids with poverty minority kids. So instead of fixing the problem, it is being masked.

    So Mr. Sorry, I feel sorry for you. Because apparently, you feel that poor black kids from Grier and Reedy Creek can’t learn unless they are with middle class white kids. Shame on you for taking such a low expectation of those kids. It can be done….poor black kids can learn without having to bus them half across the county. Ever hear of the 90/90/90 schools? I’m guessing no. So let me enlighten you and anyone else reading this and you Dr. Gorman who insists on masking the issues at hand. I urge you to read the follow study on 90/90/90 schools. This study led to many schools nationwide right this very minute, changing the way they are teaching poor ethnic minority students and guess what? It is working. In fact, some of these schools are better than the white middle class schools in achievement. Imagine that!

    A 90/90/90 school is one in which 90% of the students are on the free and reduced lunch. 90% of the students are ethnic minority. And here is the best thing of all….90% of the students in the school met or are exceeding the state standards for performance. So it can be done. CMS is just not doing it…instead they are socially engineering the school system to make it “appear” these poor minority kids are doing better. They are not doing better…the school is doing better because you brought in the white middle class kids, but the poor minority kids are not doing better. Get it?

    Here is the link and I urge everyone to read it in its entirety. It is happening folks…we are just ignoring it here at CMS.

    So being that CMS is wishing to ignore these studies, the only thing they have left to do is change the socioeconomic make up of the schools by intermingling kids from communities half across the county to make the numbers look better. They don’t care that JW Grier doesn’t want to come to the new high school. Like AM stated, you have to look at the trend of the way they have done things in the past and what they have done to date with this new staff recommendation. The Planning department had out initially only the first 4 discussion options and before the public saw them showed them to the Matthews and Mint Hill elected officials to see what they thought of them. So when you think about that now….they only had the first 4 discussion options to begin with…that was their train of thought. All 4 discussion options had JW Grier and Reedy Creek at the new high school. There’s a reason for that and you cannot ignore it.

    I don’t think JW Grier and Reedy Creek should be bused down here to the new high school. Mint Hill doesn’t want that and neither does JW Grier and Reedy Creek.

    For those of you that are arguing that Mint Hill has been split up…where were you when Lebanon Rd was put into Independence. You sat at home, let it happen, and said nothing because your child was at Butler or you were slated to go to Butler. But now that the shoe is on the opposite foot, you are standing up and moaning and groaning about it and then want to BLAME those in the southern Mint Hill for being happy that they are slated to go to Butler? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

    I am not saying not to fight this…I would if I were in your shoes. But a different approach needs to be taken if you want a school that resembles Butler. Fighting to get ALL of Mint Hill into the new high school without having JW Grier or Reedy Creek there as well is really a long shot. You are asking parents who have kids slated to go to Butler to throw up their hands and risk it all for an unrealistic plan…let alone no plan at all. I was at the meeting at Bain and there was no real plan that I heard about what to do, how to organize, how to get the rest of MH on board. They didn’t even talk about what would be the best and most realistic plan that had a shot at working. So you can’t ask the rest of Mint Hill to get on board with you when you are not even on board as a group with what you want to do other than say we want all of Mint Hill at the new school. You will never get all of Mint Hill to be one voice with that plan…it is just too risky for those slated to Butler.

    Ken Gtersen said Lebanon Rd was a building block for Independence. Does anyone know what he was really saying when he stated that? I do but no one stood up at that meeting to discuss that because it went in one ear and out the other and there was no reading between the lines. If CMS sees Lebanon Rd as a “building block” for Independence, that means they are using the kids that live in the Lebandon Rd area as a resource for that school…they are using the parents, their money, their parental involvement…all of it….to bring the numbers of that school to something half decent. Without Lebanon Rd or at least half of it there, that school would have numbers something close to Garinger High and CMS would not let that happen. Look at all the options on the table….every single one of them has Lebanon Rd at Independence and one option splits it between Independence and Butler. These are the things you need to be looking at here and come up with a plan that is realistically going to work.

    At the first meeting at Presbyterian, we all could have very easily supported Disc option 1 or 2 and that would have ultimately been the best for us. BUT we didnt…we decided that Disc 3 had the best chance of getting recommended being Matthews got what they wanted which was Crown point west and Mint Hill kids AND we got what we wanted and that was to go to Butler with Matthews kids. Even though it didn’t work, we were realistic about what was the best chance we had in getting through.

    Pushing all of Mint Hill to go to the new high school and have it just Mint Hill is not realistic.

    We could sit and debate this for hours. What needs to happen is this.

    Those of you slated to go to the new high school have to put your “Ra Ra” pom poms away and start thinking about this from a business sense. Yes it is emotional and yes if I had my kid slated for the new high school I would not be happy. We get it. But I would not be blaming those who got into Butler…they had nothing to do with it. If you want our help, you are most certainly not going to get it by blaming us…you are barking up the wrong tree.

    Start looking at this from the viewpoint of “What is realistic in getting passed?” Look at the history of how they came up with the initial plans and who they put where in most of the plans. Being Mint Hill is close to the new high school on the north end and Butler on the south end, it is reasonable to see why they split Mint Hill up. Other areas in other plans were split up but we don’t seem to care about that so why should anyone care that we are split up. I just don’t think they are going to care about that reason.

    If you were to try and get Reedy Creek and JW Grier out and back to Independence where apparently they would like to stay, then you can see about getting some of Lebanon Rd into the new school with you along with the Clear Creeks. That would be a great school and it just might get passed.

    Someone needs to start rallying with the people up in Reedy Creek and JW Grier as well. If they really want to stay with their community and not come down here, then would it not make sense to fight a battle you can win…get them involved somehow to see if that is really what they want and if so…then tell them we ALL need to fight CMS and tell them that. Then you will have JW Grier and Reedy Creek on your side going against CMS and getting a better school for you.

    We are not the enemy here…stop wasting your time fighting us. Don’t ask us to risk it all with no plan in mind, no organization, no what are we going to do next….because you would not help us under these circumstances if the shoe was on the other foot. Come to us with some clear well thought out plan, show us you met with Grier and Reedy Creek and they are on board…then we can sit and discuss this and help you.

  27. For the most part, I don’t think anyone is trying to blame those of you in the southern part of the town. Your are in a very fortunate situation in that no matter what happens you will likely have a high performing, safe school for your children to attend. If things stand as proposed, it will be Butler. If by chance, an alternate plan can be worked out to keep the majority of Mint Hill together, it will be at a new high performing, safe school a few miles to the north. Perhaps a little less convenient for you, but then Butler is not exactly convenient for us. However, those of us north of lawyers face a very bleak situation given the staff recommended proposal- and I see no possible way to work this out where our children could remain at Butler. (I’m sure that would have been an acceptable option for many of us.) That being said, our only option is to object to this proposal, and to work together to seek a more equitable solution. If this is the only acceptable boundary plan, why did CMS waste time and money to create the 6 or 7 alternate plans?

  28. I’d like to know why this recommended plan and the current student assignment for Independence has that nice blue sweep down Lebanon Road. I’m tired of my kids being considered a resource for District 6. So tired that I’ve opted for private education.

    Our community has an opportunity to make either one great Mint Hill High School or 4 equally good High Schools. This recommended plan doesn’t do either one.

    This recommended plan is a joke.

  29. Which option makes four equally “good” schools. The numbers in most options did not look very well. In Comm. Option #2 it makes Butler and new MHHS fairly comparable and the other two schools stay about the same in all the others. Which option are you talking about so I can look at it?

  30. Please contact me if you are a parent or citizen of Mint Hill and live on the Lebanon Rd/IHS/east side of Mint Hill. We are organizing a meeting for our area residence to address the impact the Boundary line changes will have on IHS and our property values. email Home 704 573-0855 or cell 704 578-9949.

  31. I am going to have to disagree Bainbobcat. If by chance, all of Mint Hill gets into the new high school, it may or may not be better than us going to Butler right now. That would mean Comm option 2 that brings part of Reedy Creek and part of JH Gunn into school with us. That is not better than going to Butler with the kids from my area. It would be better for you personally, yes; being the option is what is slated right now. So this is not a win-win for us currently slated for Butler if things change.

    Oh trust me, we are being blamed for this…I have the hate mail to prove it. While not everyone is doing the blaming, it is out there.

    If you truly want two great schools, then what needs to happen is Mint Hill remains split with those currently slated to Butler stay at Butler. Then those at the new high school would need to be the north end of Mint Hill, both Clear Creeks, and all or part of Lebanon Rd. This may very well be what the Mayor is going to discuss with Gorman, but I am not so sure Gorman cares at this point because he is only interested in social engineering the numbers for his own benefit. There is a better way to improve high poverty, high ethnic minority schools…it is being done elsewhere but not here…it’s called 90/90/90 schools where 90% of the school is poor, 90% of the school is ethnic minority and 90% of the school met or exceeded the state performance standards. It is real and it is happening in many other school systems with similar problems. But not here in CMS..why is that Dr. Gorman? Here is the link to read it for yourself.

  32. It seems some, not all, but some, have adopted a “we’ve got what we want – who cares about the rest of you!” stand. They are determined to shoot down any idea that may be a threat to that plan.

    That being said, those who currently find themselves in a favorable position under the proposed options should not be surprised when the rest of us choose to unite and work for a better option for our children.

    I for one think we deserve more than a single “shining star” in the community.

  33. I hear different definitions of community being put out here and I started thinking about our own MHAA. Look at where our fields are located – probably quite a distance if you look at it coming from Matthews. Do those of you that feel you are more closely tied to Matthews being your community participate at MARA fields instead?

    I am just trying to get a sense for what does one consider their community. Do Matthews folks come well into MH to play athletics? Do those of you that live in MH Idlewild area feel more like Matthews is your community? I am by no means trying to stir anything up but after reading so many comments from that area…I started thinking well maybe those that live that close to Matthews feel more part of that community. That is what made me think of our own athletic fields and stuff.

  34. EMS says:
    May 17, 2009 at 3:35 pm
    Which option makes four equally “good” schools. The numbers in most options did not look very well. In Comm. Option #2 it makes Butler and new MHHS fairly comparable and the other two schools stay about the same in all the others. Which option are you talking about so I can look at it?


    None of them. That’s the sad part. All three options fail our community.

  35. Mint Hill Misty- You are actually partly right. Yes we partly have what we want…our kids going to a well performing safe community school. It most certainly does not mean we do not care about the rest of you. I am not going to be surprised when you fight this…I would do the same thing. The difference is that I would not be fighting something that is not realistically going to happen. Trying to have all of Mint Hill come together with one voice and agree that we should all go to the new high school is living in a fantasy world. Look at us here…we can’t even agree on anything in these emails let alone trying to get the rest of Mint Hill come with one voice.

    If there was a reasonable, thought out plan for Mint Hill, then I think we could very well get on board with it. But right now that does not exist and you are asking people to risk it all for you and gamble our children’s future education away. That is just not fair to ask us without having some well thought out plan that has teeth to it.

    Am I shooting down your plan? What plan? The plan that says everyone in Mint Hill should go to the new high school? The plan that other than those words, has not had backing by anyone else, and up until 3 days ago was not even supported by our own Mayor until he was finally put to the wall and had no choice but to do something? That plan?

    It is not that we do not want to help you. Come up with something that we can support and we will. But until that time, we have to do what is right for our family and our kids. My allegiance is not to my community first…. it is to my family first. I’m sorry you cannot understand that.

    I understand you are angry….I get it…we all get it. We all get you are going to fight this and we would expect you to…its your kid and you will do what you have to do. We are only doing what we have to do as well. I think we can agree on that.

    Like I have said before and I will say it again….Come up with a plan that we can back. If it is not fathomable that Mint Hill is not going to be split up, then we are going to have a problem. I don’t see how it won’t unless the Mayor is willing to support Discussion option 3 which everyone liked other than Gorman and McCully.

    Whoever asked why there were so many options? Because it was to appease people, that’s why. There were initially only the first 4 discussion options that the planning dept came out with. Normally they only come up with 3-4, yet we got 8! They were all to appease folks and that’s the only reason. So if you look at the first 4 discussion options, those were what the planning dept was thinking of for this high school and it is not surprising that they chose one of them with a minor tweak to it.

  36. “To the Point”… I don’t think anyone is asking you to “risk it all” as you stated. We would just like an opportunity for all involved to work together toward a better plan for our children and our town. The details of such a plan will not materialize overnight, so please don’t try to derail the train before it leaves the station. If you don’t think a viable plan can be worked out, or if you figure the current option is “set in stone”, then why are you protesting so vigorously?

    As for Discussion option 3 – this would personally work fine for me, but I don’t think it’s best for Mint Hill as a whole. Also, I can’t see any possible way that the social engineers over in the CMS planning department would allow such such a wide disparity in the FRL and other demographic numbers between all the schools involved. Again – Butler ends up head and shoulders above the other schools under that plan.

  37. If discussion option 1, 2 or 3 had been recommend by the staff, I personally think there would probably have been much less division in the Mint Hill community. As it stands, the staff recommendation is a failure and must be reconsidered.

  38. For those of you who support ONE high school for Mint Hill. Check out the website:

  39. I dont even live in mint hill but i wound up on this website because i was looking for a map of the school districts and what i came across disgusted me! you have people on here saying “what does a child from mint hill have in common with someone living on the plaza” and “you property value will go down” and even goes as far as to moving out of the area! i dont like i said before i dont live in mint hill and nor do i live on the plaza but this kind of negativity towards a certain area is what keeps the world as is and it will never progress with this kind of attitude.I understand wanting the best for your child but to degrade a certain area because of where they live is basically looking down on them in shame saying that they’re not good enough to recieve the same kind of opportunity as your child how disgusting of you all to act like that you nor your children are any different every child deserves a “sound basic education” regardless of where you live but hopefully one day in life you’ll realize that until then everything that you all are saying may mean a lot to you but any decent person would’nt even attempt to say what you all have said
    -very dissapointing:(

  40. and especially you minthill misty you by far are the worst i really agree with “to the point” do whats best for your family and let other people be and let them worry about their own it’s one thing to voice you opinion but in the end everyone is just looking out for their own family…how about you should keep your self occupied run for mayor and bequiet! maybe you can change it yourself.!

  41. Hey Prettyanonymous – Thanks for the sermon. Instead of working to create a more balanced situation for the children in our town, I suppose we citizens of Mint Hill should just bow to the central planning authorities. After all, they know what is better for our children than we do.. right?

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