Parents or guardians of CMS students who are eligible for transportation are being asked to provide any changes or make requests to their child’s transportation services for the 2009-2010 school year between May 18 and June 13.
Letters will be mailed today to the homes of all middle and high school students. These letters provide parents and guardians with information on transportation eligibility for next school year and detailed instructions on how to make changes to existing arrangements for bus service on the CMS Web site. All elementary students will receive a letter containing the same information from their school on May 18 to take home to their parents.
Carol Stamper, the executive director of transportation for CMS, said transportation changes and requests must be submitted by June 13 to guarantee transportation for students on the first day of school on Aug. 25.
“Providing transportation information now for next school year is so important,” said Stamper. “When the CMS Transportation Department can obtain information in June on which students are going to need bus service, it helps to accurately plan bus stop times, generate schedules with more accurate ride times and creates more timely arrivals to schools for next year. Together, these measures can help improve our performance and save money.”
Students’ transportation eligibility is based on their home address and school assignment for their 2009-2010 school year. The letters provide parents with their child’s bus-service information for 2008-2009 school year. If there are no changes needed to that service, parents will not have to provide any additional information to CMS Transportation. However, parents are asked to notify CMS if their child no longer needs transportation.
“All parents will have a status code assigned to them that will explain exactly if their child is eligible for transportation, if they’ll need to provide information and how to complete the process,” said Stamper.
Parents must request any changes to existing transportation schedules on the CMS Web site, Under the Bulletin Board section on the home page, parents can select the Bus Schedule Information Form. Parents who do not have access to a computer may use a computer at their child’s school, learning community office or at a public library.
If a child needs an alternate stop for 2009-2010, such as to a daycare center, parents must make that request each school year by using the online Transportation Service Request Form.
Parents will need their child’s student identification number and Personal Identification Number (PIN), which is provided in the letter, prior to requesting bus service or an alternate stop. Parents can call 980-343-5335 or visit the student placement office in the Family Application Center, 700 Marsh Road, to obtain their child’s student ID number.
Information about 2009-2010 bus schedules, specific bus assignments and transportation contacts will be distributed in mid-August as part of the students’ back-to-school packets. CMS Transportation will not be able to provide families with this information prior to that time.
For information or questions about transportation, please call CMS Transportation at 980-343-6715.