In this week’s Mint Hill Times: high school boundaries, HOAs, and Highland Games wrap up


Don’t have a copy of this week’s Mint Hill Times? Here’s what you are missing:

  • Mayor Ted Biggers and a committee chosen by him sent to CMS a revised version of the school boundary map for the new Mint Hill high school. Above is the map. Most of the kids in Mint Hill will attend the new high school if this map is approved. Check out the front page story to read why this boundary map may be the best version yet.
  • Lacey Hampton reports that the Town Manager is in the process of organizing regular meetings with heads of home owners associations so neighborhoods can better communicate their needs.
  • Photographer Jim Young took some amazing shots of the Highland Games in Mint Hill last weekend. Check some of his best pics in this week’s paper and for additional pics that you can purchase, visit Jim’s Web site.
  • With graduation just around the corner, we profile this week some of the accomplishments of students at Independence High School.
  • Columnist Leslie Southerland writes about the adventures of taking her sons out to lunch on Memorial Day.
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One comment on “In this week’s Mint Hill Times: high school boundaries, HOAs, and Highland Games wrap up
  1. How utterly disappointing to see today’s headline- “CMS staff sticks with original boundary map”. Any idea “why” Scott McCully is so against the plan presented by Mayor Biggers, the commissioners and area residents? From his negative comments it is clear he is not even entertaining the option. He states “Generally speaking, the board goes with the staff recommendation” and “in his nine years in CMA planning, he cannot recall a board voting for boundaries other that the one presented to the board by staff.”
    McCully saying “it’s never been done before – so we can’t even consider it now” – sounds like a giant cop-out!
    Our mayor and town residents have worked diligently to come up with a fair plan, that is in the best interest of our town and our children. It is also fair and equitable to the surrounding high schools. Common sense says not to split up our children and not to bus in children from other areas to our Mint Hill High School.

    Our family, friends and neighbors hope the CMS staff will open their minds and accept the supported school option. We hope everyone will continue writing and calling the CMS BOE. They can expect hundreds in attendance for the June 9th meeting. We remain positive and optimistic the board will make the right decision!

    Thank you to the Mint Hill Times for it’s support and today’s thoughtful and supportive editorial. We are fortunate to have the Long family in our community. :-)

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