Mohamed Massaquoi talks about visiting Bears, draft day prospects

Mommamed Massaquoi

Mohamed Massaquoi, former wide receiver for Independence High School and University of Georgia, visited with the Chicago Bears this week for a pre-draft workout. Massaquoi has been moving up most draft charts. On the comparison between him and Hakeem Nicks, another former Patriots star wide receiver:

I think we’re different. I really don’t know what class you would put him in. We do things different. We are from the same mold though just being that we came through the same program and we watched each other grow and develop. We had the same coach. I think we do a lot of things similar but at the same time we each have that little patent to our game that makes us different.


Update on Matthews traffic accident

Matthews Police responded to a vehicle collision on US 74 at Interstate 485 today around 12:30 pm. The initial investigation shows that a 2005 Honda Accord, occupied only by one person was traveling eastbound on US 74 at a high rate of speed when it crossed the center median. A 2007 Infiniti G35, also occupied by one person driver, was traveling westbound on US 74 when it was struck head-on by the Honda. The driver of the Honda sustained fatal injuries upon impact. The driver of the Infiniti was transported to Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte where he was treated and released. Continue reading


Matthews home invasion case dropped

WSOC TV is reporting the home invasion incident last week where a Matthews resident on Springwater Road claimed he was held up at gun point and robbed of $25,000 my not have happened.

“There were a number of holes in the story we couldn’t explain,” said Officer Stason Tyrrell.


Queen’s Grant third graders hold economics fair

Students at Queen’s Grant Community Charter School got a taste of what it’s like to run a business Thursday as the school held its annual Third Grade Economics Fair. Each student designed their own business, along with a business plan, and set up a booth in the gymnasium. Products included popcorn, brownies, snow cones, tattoos (the non-permanent kind), hair coloring, nail coloring, various games, picture drawing and karaoke. Fake money was handed out to parents, teachers and other students who then could purchase goods and services. The third grade teachers are Ms. Murison, Mrs. Shelton and Mrs. DeBell. The principal of the school is Christy Morrin.



Butler High School Teaching Fellows and alternates announced

Butler High School
The following Butler High School Students were awarded Teaching Fellow Scholarships: Anastasia Nicole DeWolfe (Alt), William Tyler Jones, Megan Marie Kasper, Sarah Rose Kasper (Alt), Carrie Gabrielle Roth and Amanda Courtney Tant.  Jasmine Hunter of Independence High School was also selected. In all, 30 students from CMS either received the award or were selected as an alternate. For those keeping score, Wake County Schools had 74 students awarded the honor.