In this week’s Mint Hill Times

• Get a Bridges at Mint Hill update. Every indication is the developers and retailers are still 100 percent committed to the project.

• Mint Hill could sign a lease next week for the police department to open a satellite office at the Idlewild Plaza Shopping Center. Rent will be free, but the town will have to pay $4,000 in utilities a year.

• Reporter Carolyn Steeves writes about Dog’s Day Out in Matthews and its unique approach to caring for dogs.

• Sports reporter Andrew Stark previews spring sports at Butler and Independence high schools.

• Award winning columnist Leslie Southerland writes about her attempts to get her young boys into a sleeping habits that benefit the whole family:

One culprit, I know, has been the time change.  Whoever came up with the concept of daylight savings time was not raising small children at the time.  It takes awhile for adults to get used to the time change each time it happens—small children don’t get it at all!