Local students earn high ratings at music festival


On February 28 the National Federation of Music Clubs Piano Festival was held in Charlotte.  Seventy students from Charlotte Academy of Music participated in the Festival at CPCC. Students prepared two memorized musical selections each, one of which was from the required list published by the NFMC, and were evaluated by local professional musicians.  Many students also took the music theory exam on the same day. Continue reading


Where are the boundary options for the new Mint Hill high school?


Option 1: Light green are boundaries for Mint Hill high school; teal is Butler and orange is Independence.

Some citizens of Mint Hill are baffled by the proposed boundaries for the high school to be located in Clear Creek Business Park. (view a PDF of the proposed boundaries) The Board has four options, the first of which will pull from kids as far north as neighborhoods adjacent to the Hidden Valley neighborhood. CMS will hold workshops this month for citizens to provide feedback. Here are the times and places for the new Mint Hill high school discussions:

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Mint Hill Middle School celebrates reading


The East Learning Community hosted a reading event at Mint Hill Middle School last week. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools worked in a partnership with the Mecklenburg County library to promote reading.   Specifically, they chose the book To Kill a Mockingbird as the focus.  All schools in the East Learning Community completed activities related to the novel.  The elementary and middle schools completed activities to focus on the themes of the novel to include empathy, prejudices verses understanding, and heroism.  The high schools also read the book.  Mint Hill Middle 6th graders read “Maniac Magee,” the suggested read for middle school students. Continue reading


Families, community residents invited to discuss new-school boundaries

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is holding a series of workshops to ask for input on proposed boundary options for five new schools. CMS will open three new elementary schools and two new high schools in the 2010-2011 school year. The meetings will be held at locations across the district. During the meetings, staff will provide information about the proposed boundaries and will ask for feedback. There will be two community meetings for each area of the district affected by the new school boundaries. The same information will be presented at each meeting. Continue reading


CMS Student-assignment lottery results are in

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ first student-assignment lottery is over and families will begin receiving notification letters this week. The letters inform parents of the school their child was placed in through the lottery process and how to ask for reassignment.
Questions to common student-assignment lottery questions, and the answers, follow: Continue reading