N.C. GOP to Dems: Support Obama on charter schools

Republican members of the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives cited President Obama’s enthusiastic support for charter schools and called on their Democratic colleagues to join them in eliminating the charter schools cap.  Current N.C. law restricts the number of charter schools in our state to only 100.  A number of bills to raise or eliminate the cap are pending in the General Assembly. Rep. Jim Gulley and Sen. Eddie Goodall, both of whom represent the Mint Hill area, have led the fight in Raleigh to lift the cap on charter schools.

In a speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce last week, Obama said, “I call on states to reform their charter rules and lift caps on the number of allowable charter schools, wherever such caps are in place.”  Obama further stated his opposition to caps, “That isn’t good for our children, our economy, or our country.”

“We ask the Democrats to join with us in supporting President Obama’s call for an increased number of charter schools” said Republican House Leader Paul Stam (R-Wake) “It is time to lift the cap on charter schools in North Carolina for our children.  This will also help the budgets of our county boards of education.”

HB 125, Raise Cap on Charter Schools (Reps. Gulley, Avila, Killian)
HB 126, Eliminate Cap on Charter Schools (Reps. Gulley, Avila, Killian, Dollar)
HB 288, Remove Cap on the Number of Charter Schools (Rep. Allred)
HB 427, Counties May Fund Charter Schools (Reps. Moore, Cleveland, Brown, Current)
SB 172, Allow Charter Schools in 100 Counties (Sen. Goodall)
SB 378, Counties May Fund Charter Schools (Sen Goodall)
SB 379, Remove Cap on the Number of Charter Schools (Sen. Goodall)
SB 397, Increase Cap on Charter Schools (Sen. Clary)
SB 573, Modify Charter School Law (Sen. Goodall)


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