The East Learning Community hosted a reading event at Mint Hill Middle School last week. Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools worked in a partnership with the Mecklenburg County library to promote reading.   Specifically, they chose the book To Kill a Mockingbird as the focus.  All schools in the East Learning Community completed activities related to the novel.  The elementary and middle schools completed activities to focus on the themes of the novel to include empathy, prejudices verses understanding, and heroism.  The high schools also read the book.  Mint Hill Middle 6th graders read “Maniac Magee,” the suggested read for middle school students.mock-mat-2.jpg
As a finale to the reading activities in February, schools in the East Learning Community sent student work samples to Mint Hill to be showcased.  Work from elementary, middle, and high schools in the community was displayed.  Rachel Goldberg worked with Amy Mims  and other volunteers to hang the work in the halls of Mint Hill Middle and hosted a gallery crawl.  On Saturday, families roamed the halls to view the work and then entered classrooms to watch the video closed circuit.  Popcorn and drinks were served and a fun family atmosphere was established.
The library worked with the schools to help promote both character education and the importance of reading.