Independence High School bus crashes; driver charged with DWI


Desiree Kelly

Mint Hill Police arrested 32-year-old Desiree Kelly for DWI and reckless driving this morning after the Independence High School bus she was driving crashed on Truelight Church Road near the intersection of Surface Hill Road. Fifteen students were on board the bus and police report that four were taken to local hospitals with what appears to be minor injuries.

The preliminary investigation indicates that as the bus rounded the curve on Truelight Church Road near Surface Hill Road the driver veered off onto the left shoulder of the roadway.  The bus traveled approximately 100 feet along the shoulder of the roadway before striking a double brick mailbox and a deep culvert.  After striking these objects the bus traveled an additional 62 feet before coming to an uncontrolled stop.

During the course of conversations with Kelly, the investigating officer formed the opinion that she was under the influence of some type of impairing substance.  The driver was placed into custody and transported to Presbyterian Hospital in Matthews for a DWI blood test.  The driver submitted to the test and was then transported to the Mecklenburg County Jail for processing.  The driver has been charged with Commercial DWI and reckless driving.

3 comments on “Independence High School bus crashes; driver charged with DWI
  1. It’s not the frist time the driver had done something like this before.
    When she lived in Queens she took (ambien CR) around 2, then takes 18 (tylenol PMS) got into her van started it then went right to sleep.
    Yes! in the van,while the windows was closed, engine on. She’s not fit! For pretty much anything. She’s a drugee!!!
    I bet any amout of money that prescribe drug was AMBEIN CR which is for sleep. The girl was at work taking that “precribe medicine”.
    How professional, it’s not okay to make mistakes with other people child, in fact NO CHILD! Someone sould look into this matter alittle more.

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