Amber Olive of Mint Hill to appear on WEtv Wednesday night


Amber Olive, who the Mint Hill Times profiled last fall, will make her national TV debut Wednesday night when she appears on the final episode of the year for WEtv’s “Little Miss Perfect.” Olive was chosen from thousands of pageant girls to appear on the program.From the WEtv Web site:

Sabrina, 9, is not your typical pageant girl. She’s won over 50 crowns, but she’s a tomboy who loves softball, soccer, and dirt bikes. Amber, 9, is a girly-girl/cheerleader, who has been doing pageants since she was 6 months old. Worlds collide, when these two local winners face off in Charlotte. Pageant mom/narcotics investigator Tracey isn’t sure if Sabrina’s swimwear-and-scarf routine will wow the judges, and scrambles to coach her daughter to a win. While pageant mom Kris is hoping that two dozen dancers on stage with Amber will help her daughter win. The $1,000 prize is up for grabs and the pressure’s on…Who will win the coveted title of Little Miss Perfect?

Upcoming Air Dates:

Wednesday, March 25 at 10pm | 9c
Thursday, March 26 at 1am | 12c
Saturday, March 28 at 7pm | 6c
Wednesday, April 1 at 9pm | 8c

12 comments on “Amber Olive of Mint Hill to appear on WEtv Wednesday night
  1. amber u r one heck of a friend and just wanted u to know nothing can split us up even marissa ( annoying person ) :)

  2. wait a second?? If im such a brat and u hate me sooo much y cant u even write ur name instead of being mysterious?

  3. Listen ” Myzery i mean mysterious”, Amber is not a brat i’ve know her more than a year.. yeah yeah 5 years for ur information….So y dont you go outside and play instead of bashing an 11 yr. old gurl!

  4. Amber u r the biggest brat ever u suck at pageants and lose. Haha I beat u and u lost. LoS3r. And ur sisters suck 2

  5. ok so amber may not remember me from elementery school but i was one of her bff and anyone who trys to talk about her is massed up and will deal wit me cuz i have known her for 4 years so back of

  6. I think the show really was one of the better ones. I think Amber was very prepared but they just made a mistake on the music and time. Whoever says she is a brat is wrong. I haven’t met her but I have seen the show and I think she did really good. Maybe someday I will get a chance to meet her and congratulate her. Even though she didn’t win she was very prepared and her beauty and wow wear amazed me. So what if she has so many cats she can’t name! She named some of them. Come on guys, everyone has a moment where they freeze up and can’t think for a moment there. The show just caught her at some bad times like when she got burned by the rollers or the earrings that wouldn’t go through. Come on don’t be mean.

  7. Amber Olive, You suck. You are a little brat. You think your cool and classy. But you’re really trashy. You are a big loser and you’re going nowhere in life. News flash sweetie, pageant girls aren’t cute or pretty.

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