Breaking News: Mint Hill Highland Games postponed

Water: Rain Rannoch Station Scotland

The Mint Hill Highland Games, scheduled for this weekend at the Park on Fairview, has been postponed according to event organizer Donna Rogers. The event was to be held despite the possibility of rain. But Rogers said the possibilities of thunderstorms and tornadoes forced them to postpone the games. She said the new date is Memorial Day weekend. Town Manager Brian Welch said rescheduling the games for Memorial Day weekend has not been finalized, but he doesn’t see any reason it will not work.


Myrick supports proposal to help homeowners

U.S. Representative Sue Myrick today announced her support of a proposal to stabilize the housing market through tax credits for homeowners and additional incentives for lenders to work with homeowners to avoid foreclosure.The proposal, crafted by House Republicans, would offer a $15,000 home-buyer credit for all home purchases for buyers who with at least a 5% down payment. This provision is identical to the Real Help for Homebuyers Act that Rep. Myrick introduced earlier this month. Continue reading