Rep. Sue Myrick did not vote for the stimulus package which will be signed into law Tuesday by President Barack Obama.

“We’re in a recession, and the American people are hurting.  I had hoped that Congress could come together, not as Republicans and Democrats, but as Americans, to find solutions that will truly stimulate the economy. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.
We’re slated to spend almost $4 trillion this year alone.  That’s almost $1 trillion for TARP; $1 trillion, including debt, for the stimulus; $1.5 trillion for yet another bank rescue plan; and a half a trillion dollars for an FY 2009 omnibus bill.  Where is this money coming from?  Foreign countries?  We can’t rely on other nations to keep buying our debt.  The only way I can see us being able to even begin to pay for this is raising taxes, and that will never jolt the economy out of a recession. I voted against the plan, but for the sake of the country, I hope it works.”