Little Miss transformation before your eyes

Last fall, the Mint Hill Times profiled Amber Olive, a student at Lebanon Road Elementaryamber-2.jpg School. Amber was chosen from thousands of other kids to participate in Little Miss Perfect, a television show which features the lives of pint sized beauty contest participants. Amber is already appearing in commercials on WeTV to promote the show. Also, you may notice other little girls from Mint Hill and Matthews in the TV show. That’s because Amber participated with the Fancy Feet Dance Studio in Matthews in a few numbers for the show. Below is a video of time-lapsed photography showing Amber getting ready for a contest.

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9 comments on “Little Miss transformation before your eyes
  1. I’m so proud of you Amber! You did an amazing job, like you always do! I love you!

  2. we watched your promos last night -
    and I loved watching you at the pagaent.
    Can’t wait to see the show. Love you.

  3. I’ve never really watched Little Miss Perfect in the past, but I caught an episode last week, and I’ve been tuning in ever since. I didn’t realize how popular these types of events are. What I find interesting for the most part are the kids. I’m pretty impressed by how strong-willed and resilient many of them seem.

    Which brings me to Amber. Of all the children on the show, she she stands out as someone who has a very good head on her shoulders for her age, and she seems like a very intelligent, composed young girl.

    The one part of this series that really upsets me a little is watching these kids try to overcome their natural fears and put on a show in front of a group of judges who are scrutinizing their every move, facial expression, reaction, etc. I really feel like kids don’t deserve to be judged in that way. But I suppose that’s the name of the game in these competitions.

    Hiopefully, the combination of Amber’s strong will, intelligence,
    and undeniably-natural beauty serve her well in this competition.
    She is, hands down, the prettiest of all the contestants on the show.

  4. i don’t relly like u amber cuz i was on ur skool last year and you we’re all preppy n thinking you r all dad but ur no ok just because ur on t.v doesn’t mean u have 2 think ur all dad so dads y i don’t like u u we’re mean 2 me n my friends n admited ur an spoiled brat

  5. yeah well u need 2 shut up and get a life instead of hattin over Amber CUZ U GOT NOTHIN ELSE IMPORTANT TO DO IN UR LIFE so i advise u 2 BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!

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