State Senator Eddie Goodall, who represents the Mint Hill area in the North Carolina Senate, is offering his [singlepic=636,320,240,,right]senate seat for tickets to next week’s Duke-Carolina basketball game. Goodall put his leather senate seat, stitched with his name and the Senate seal, on Ebay is exchange for the tickets. The chair is worth about $700. Goodall knows because he bought the chair from the State when theĀ  senate offices were redecorated. A 2007 law prohibits using the senate seal for commercial purposes. Goodall said the whole thing is just an elaborate joke and he wouldn’t go near tickets if someone actually offered them to him.

“In real life, I want to keep my Senate seat,” said the retired CPA, who played a season of basketball at UNC Charlotte. But “maybe if politicians could laugh at ourselves more, people wouldn’t laugh at us as much.”